Market Garden Release!

[size=150]The next Spring: 1944 release has finally arrived![/size]
[size=85](click image for download link)[/size]

After about a year and half in development limbo (with some 1700 revisions in the repository) Operation Market Garden has finally made it to public-consumption stage. Folks who made this release excellent include (in no particular order): Evil4Zerggin, Tobi, koshi, SpikedHelmet, FLOZi, yuritch, neddie, carrepairer, smoth, the brains behind rapid/autohost support (det and licho), our dedicated testers/wiki editors (totbuae, godde, tiger88 and JAL leading the charge here), and artists who made maps for S44 or converted existing works to suit S44 better (SirArtturi, Nixa, Beherith, in addition to efforts by SpikedHelmet). This release is the culmination of a TON of effort by all of the above mentioned people (as well as many others who helped us with technical issues in #lua and #sy), and we hope you enjoy the result. Extra thanks to all the people who have made the Spring engine such an excellent platform for development.

You can find the changelog in the feedback, suggestions & bugs forum.

Congrats! :slight_smile:
love the paratroopers screen-shot!

had a test game vs an easy CRAIG. no game breaking problems! :slight_smile:
i enjoyed the game, and i especially like the new infantry sounds and the way artillery works!

critics (i consider the first two relatively important, the rest is more cosmetics):

  • loading infantry into vehicle transports works very bad
  • flag capture radii should also be shown at zoom-level > icon-dist
  • while upgrading a building, the upgrade options should be grayed out, if possible
  • when building something in the gun-yard (also other buildings), what does that sound resemble? here it sounds like signal-noise.
  • light field gun & artillery have the same icon (“H” → Howitzer? guess this is only a personal taste thing of mine)

for the transports:
i played as Russia. trying to load ~10 infantry units into a vehicle transporter, it first only loads 2, then you have to move it away a bit, and other 2-3 get in, …
i had similar problems on unloading, both when unloading on a spot or drawing a radius.

Just a minor question, why can’t the mobile AA guns target ground objects

Balance decision which keeps the role defined and allows us to give them period accurate damage and fire rate without allowing them to replace various MG vehicles as infantry control. If you want a historical justification, not all of the AA weapons transverse down to a flat plane, ammunition would probably be saved for anti-air use, etc.

It still seems pretty unfair considering it leaves them vulnerable to ground assault, and all the AA units currently added are depressable to be used for anti ground purposes

Just asking, were any more maps given waypoints so as to be compatible with CRAIG? I’ve been kind of hoping to see the Liege/Antwerp map given waypoints.

List of waypoint profiles is here: … threv=3033

Don’t believe there were any added. Note that you can use the included Waypoint Editor widget to create them.

Editor didn’t work last time I tried it again…
I seem unable to put craig_maps in the right folder… wherever such folder may be.

When you want to restrict units there are several that can be banned but aren’t available, for example the boatyards can’t produce or cant be upgraded to produce heavier ships, the isn’t any isu-122, volkstrumm or anything like it in the game, it also mentions a Ju188 and ME262 which aren’t available, why is this, just wondering :slight_smile:

I think those are just test units that were put into the game files and then left out for reasons of balance or redundancy. You can still cheat-give yourself those units, if you wanted to play around with them. Trouble is once any aircraft run out of fuel they’ll just settle to the ground and remain useless for the rest of the game.

The Ju-188 was textured by me and looks like a 10 year old tried to Paint something with Windows Paint :slight_smile: However only if you take a closer look on it :smiley:
Last time I remember that the Me262 was already implemented. äh… maybe ^^