Market Garden Release TODO

So its been vastly too long since our last release. Hence, yogogogo!

Anyone with edit powers, feel free to edit this and update. Or just post and I’ll add things as we go.
[size=150]New Code[/size]

  • Minimum range for katyusha - Nemo
  • Partisan revamp (small supply cluster dropped from Po-2?) - FLOZi
  • map sneak areas (potentially) - on hold, def not for MG; implemented but needs more configs - Nemo
  • Aircraft “deposit” - get refunded up to X% of original cost of sortie depending on % of original HP that returned, with an additional negative for any dead planes.
  • change howitzer accuracy based on whether its target area is in LoS - Nemo


  • Sort out base-sniping artillery conundrum (unfun gameplay, but they’re inherently suited to it). - added gadget to reset exp every frame.
  • Sort out flamers - maybe a bit resource intensive on the effects, but generally ok
  • Revise to finalize most recent tank changes (armor mult shifts/TD cost changes)
  • Look at turretless costs after new engine update.
  • Re-implement everything on ‘hold pos’ once new engine arrives. - changed hold pos widget to apply to everything, not just things which didn’t have weapon arcs.
  • Revise sortie cost / plane cost / deposit values - they seem pretty good now, really only OP in godde’s hands and against an unprepared opponent
  • Sort out partisan spawn frequency / sortie cost - seems good
  • Pare down available ships to transports and shore bombardment/somesuch


  • Infantry still getting stuck outside of rax, even with gadget pushes them way outside.
  • Make sure CRAIG is working with new engine update. - seems fine (Nemo)
  • Make sure everything is working with new engine update.
  • integrate the HQ reorientation respawner + game_commandStorage with Tobi’s new start gadget (not in next engine release but one after)
  • Update/Enhance Icon System (Neddie)

[size=200]Last updated 15-7-2010[/size]

New aircraft tweaks - get deposit back or w/e system we decided on

Map sneak areas is probably non-trivial to code and will have a big impact that will need a lot of playtesting, i’d say its low priority for MG.

I’ll work on the supply radius widget in between Zom/Fin work.

I think it would be a good idea if you decided what to do with gliders, paratroopers and partisans that land in the sea.

Infantry should get hp drain in water, if u r fast enough u can pick them up. Glider should get destroyed (maybe with is low infantry survival rate) .
Or let them just die , if that cause more lag .
just some ideas :wink:

Scale suggests they could make it to the shore before drowning.

If we could obscure the lower body of the model with some sort of effect/texture overlay on the surface of the water, and force only the head to be visible until the infantry reach a height where they can stand comfortably, that would be visually ideal. Obviously when they land in the water we would have them either move in the best route toward the place where the glider landed/center of landed paratroopers, or more sensibly, have them take the shortest distance to land?

In latest SVN gliders and paratroopers simply drown.


Where are we on the MG release? Can somebody else update this thread so we can refocus?

I would rather like input on the icon system.

I need to rip out the old, broken deployment mode, and with it the CA gadget handler, and fix any problems that come of that. (Nemo and I agree that even if Spiked-Deployment isn’t ready for MG release, as it is a mutator it can always be released a little while after).

I think there are still issues with hyper-accurate howitzers that need looking into again also. And the minor fix of tank 50cals changing to the AA version of the weapon (so that they cannot be force fired).

What about having impacts on or near a gun reset the ranging element, to increase the functional inaccuracy/amount of time to calibrate between shots during artillery battles?

Issues as in bugs or just balance problems?

If it’s a balance problem, resetting it after nearby impacts sounds good. If bug, we’ll see what happens after fixing it.

I thought it was a bug, but FLOZi would know better than I. I am posting from the new house.

I was referring to reports that guns were still super-accurate after killing anything even with xp being reset to 0. So a bug.

The Healthbars widget shows how much ammo enemy units have.
Will the HealthBars widget be included in Market Garden?

No, though of course it doesn’t mean players can’t get it, or write their own widget which exploits this. It isn’t trivial to get around it though.

I remember that some of the yards still show up wrong build pics if you hover with the mouse over them. Iam not sure if its already fixed. :nerd:

Are we bundling a version of Deployment with MG, and is C.R.A.I.G. ready to roll?

Seen as things took so long and it is no longer ‘not next … but one after’ I went ahead and did this.