[MAP] Prokhorovka_1944

Making a new map, Prokhorovka_1944.

The Battle of Prokhorovka took place in 1943 and was one of the most pivotal battles during the Kursk offensive, the largest tank battle in human history.

Unlike Road To Rome, this map was made specifically with tank combat in mind and as such is brimming with open fields, contrasted by high-density forests and other obstacles, which create a patchwork of terrain which, hopefully, will allow for interesting non-linear battles, with opponents maneuvering tank groups around these natural barriers trying to flank one another.

It’s also the first map I’ve made which makes wide-scale use of custom terrain, particularly trees, a lot of which were made or modified to be used in Spring: 1944 maps. The diversity of the plants and trees, I feel, adds a lot to the overall look of the map, although such beauty comes at a hefty cost as cpu power will be extremely important. I’ve tried to cut back on the overall number of features in light of this while keeping their tactical importance.

So here’s some pics:

Some of the custom trees used (thanks to rattle and smoth):


Metal layout:

Overall view:

:astonished: Bottleneck!!! :astonished:

Not really - much of the river is passable to the majority of units.

Yes, about half the length of the river can be crossed by all units.

Hey, whens the approx release date for the map? It looks fantastic

Well something’s corrupted my feature .bmp file so I’m going to have to redo it, which has depressed me and made me not want to do it. Originally I would have already released it. Now, maybe a couple weeks away.

listen to some ww2 era march music and watch some ww2 footage…

might motivate you… maybe not…

very cool looking never the less

Have you heard of this program?


You can apparently easily generate new trees with it, and it’s free for use.

When’s the release date? It’s been several weeks (or months) already. Hope it will be released very soon. And btw, listen to Hell March instead. WWII era music just too boring…