Map Feature Ideas thread

Stick up pics of cool map features!

Yeah we’ll definately need a whole slew of railroad features, various types of railway cars, traintracks, and supplimentary buildings like ore and grain refineries, factories, timber processing, etc etc etc

What about bombed sections ala warhammer 40.000? That’d be great for an urban map style, like stalingrad. You could hide recon units in the ruins and mount suprise attacks pretty easily (if features can do that, oc)

A couple of the C&C3 maps looked really awesome, especially that one (can’t remember the name) almost entirely bombed-out urban map. Would definately be neato to do.

Something awesome yuri modelled!


I have some features modelled on my old computer - some era-appropriate lampposts, a large house/manor, and a generic light factory, among others. All with 2-3 stages of damage.

We need bridges! Lots of bridges of various sizes, some of them should be possible to destroy and repair again.

Unfortunately we cannot have units moving over bridges yet. Destroyed bridges would be fine, but not intact ones.

Unless they are undestroyable ones placed over land masses (i.e. no ships can pass them)

…well, you get what i’m going after here, yuri :wink:

PARM is already there (as a part of rusvehyard model in my folder). The rest should be pretty easy. I can extract it from the large model if someone needs that.
Some of the vehs are clearly civilian. Like the fire truck. Get someone to do non-Russian civilian stuff, I can’t do it all alone :slight_smile:
Also, there are such things as GAZ-67 and the Kubelwagen already modeled, plus the steam engine and wagons.

They could use a nice skin… :wink:

Me and spiked have a plan for the OV already. :slight_smile:

I have another idea for a map centered around a destroyed airfield (hence all the soviet trucks and stuffs), Spiked suggested Carpiquet, but i’ve found some blueprints of many soviet airfield vehicles so that may be easier. Need references for stuff like hangars and control towers etc etc. A german one would be cool as we could stick He-111’s and Ju-88’s on it so the models aren’t wasted.

what about a desert map? El Alamein or something? with sandstorms? xD palms some houses a railroad maybe.

how about normandy, the entire s44 team wants a normandy map :slight_smile:

I already made an El Alamein heightmap. It is too simple for good gameplay, there was virtually no terrain and even fewer features than there are now.

maybe since you have trains maybe,just maybe you could make armored trains and railguns/railtanks and possibly make engineers make railroads
for maps i’ve always wanted a town that looks like a town should and also something like stalingrad would be sweet

Make it a 32x32, that alone will give it unique gameplay :stuck_out_tongue:

All in favour of an ugly flat map?

flat maps arent that bad but if possible a big hill orsomething in the middle

(Bf2 style map)

A hill in the middle would make it not El Alamein.