[MAP] Europe (production name) [WIP]

Greetings! :smiley:

Besides presenting a new map, this thread shall also serve as my introduction thread. I’m Aurora, formerly known as JJ45. Some of you developers might remember me from a few years back; I was the little rascal who leaked one of your betas, although unknowingly so. I also made Neurope_a7, the 32x16 map whose layout was inspired by, and heavily twisted from, the continent of Europe.

A few days ago I was delighted to see a new version of 1944 had been released. I downloaded Spring again right off the bat to try out 1944. Although I was disappointed to see the air force wasn’t in yet, this version is a huge step forwards indeed. I decided to see how Neurope_a7 would play in the latest Spring 1944. It was fun for the first 20 minutes, but thereafter it always became a forever lasting stalemate, probably due to the bottlenecked layout and the lack of aircraft.

I have began to remake the map specifically for Spring: 1944, and although it’ll obviously be a small scale version, the layout will more closely follow the shape of the real Europe. An early stage of the height map is done, as seen below. I added colours in the picture to depict the national borders, although they should be pretty obvious from the little hills anyway. I believe the broken hill ranges are a better solution to divide the continent. There are also a couple of rivers there, as can be seen.

I’m now pondering whether to add quickly traversable roads and slowly traversable snowy areas or not, how to distribute those and lastly, how to place and balance the metal spots. I want Germany, Russia and Britain to be the strongest, so it’d be best suited for three-way play. I also want to give the various nations, or starting areas, different advantages while still keeping the three main powers in balance. Criticism and suggestions are welcome.

Some more height variation:

Metal spots, roads and “climate”:

Assuming black spots are metal patches…I would reduce their number considerably.Perhaps even divide the number of spots by 5.

New metal spots

Ural mountains and beyond seem too empty. Not much resources to fight for there.

Sweden still needs something… I’ve tried to place the resource spots “realistically”, in locations that are/were important, I couldn’t find much information on Sweden besides the iron ore mines.


Textures! If you have a moment to spare, please look through them and criticize.

comments nao plz :cry:

Nice, certainly getting better. I still feel like there will be very little incentive to go after the Ural mountains, but perhaps that’s ok (wouldn’t want people to porc up too much over there).

I’m looking forward to a playable version.

i think it looks great.

best thing to do will playtest it and make revisions after a while :slight_smile:

Does s44 have sea units at all? Great Britain would be a bit of a hassle if not. Also, the shape of hungary is bit fail. Otherwise its looking great!

Only transport boats but these are pointless if the shore is defended.

We have lots, just not implemented yet. We may start plugging them in without skins (as flat colored 3dos), since it would open up the gameplay a fair bit.

Check out: spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/ … 4Ships.sdd if you want to see them.

I finally managed to create teh texture. :smiley:


No mexes yet

im not a mapper but is it possible to make a World map in maxsize?
The concept would be that in the kampagne every fraction starts in there country and need to build it up. Then the go and capture other countrys with ressources for ex.
I Start as Russia, then i use my country with the resources then i need more and attack for example Germany or China, (means more factions)
But important is that you everytime see (like in CoH [Company of Heroes]) everytime where your country ends and Starts so your LINES (i hope everyone understand) which dynamicly on move if you go behind enemy lines.

would be cool, only a concept but the Europe map seems cool!

Metals marked:

Seem very nice. too bad my spring doesent work…

Is your map functional and ready to be downloaded yet? Because I was thinking we should set up a little map premiere with a bunch of players.

I came back to Spring and started working on this motherfucker again