Map-based stationary guns

For an interesting map feature and option for mappers, I propose map-based stationary artillery guns. The guns would be huge, have a low rate of fire, and be capable of destroying battleships with a few hits. They would be neutral and idle initially. In order to be used, the guns would have to be captured first, similarly to flags. They could also be destroyed with large amounts of firepower, as well as repaired within 8-12 minutes. The feature would be suitable for large maps, especially water maps. If anyone remembers The Guns of Navarone; that’s what I’m talking about.

I like the idea. Can be used for some ‘historic’ maps, as well as any number of maps that should have something strategic besides flags :slight_smile:
For reference: this is the model of coastal defence turret from Sevastopol fortress (called Fort Maxim Gorky by the invading Germans, although it had no name in USSR documents, only a number). Fortress had at least 2 such things, another group of them was near Leningrad. They were armed with 12" (305mm) guns from decomissioned battleships, adjustements were made to ensure range of approx. 40 km (helped by the fact turrets were placed on hills).

That looks hot

I’ve just had a brainwave. :smiley: Why not make a map based on the maginot line?
You could do 2 versions: A lightly defended one like the part of it that faces belgium, and a heavily defended one, like the part that smashed the italians. That could make for fun maps, or even a battlefield-style map, with an offensive team and a defensive team. If this idea is rubbish, just say :slight_smile:

I like the idea. I also think we should do some Czech maps on the same principle.

You mean one team defence some kind on line and other try destroy the line? I like that idea