Man, I'm such a cool guy

I’m currently making a video showing the exact steps to install Spring Engine, a game client, basic understanding of how game client works(all three major ones), how to download files(for each), how archive mover will move it for you, and how to join/start your own game vs AI.

already recorded what I needed, compressing now(was 47GB lol)
then I will edit it, then compress again with faster speed(people can pause) maybe add some theme music, and bam, people will get less stuck installing game.

Awesome, lemme now when and where to get it.

ARRRRRGGGG, my incredibly short attention span is killing me



maybe when I have more time I’ll redo video so It’s neat and organized instead of a mess. Also need to redo compression, it’s terrible.
I’m uploading it here

I’m not sure how well my host currently will handle it(i’m getting different hosting in a month) but reply back if there are problems.

I plan on speeding the video up with next compression.

ok, so i recompressed, maybe ill be motivated to make another better vid, Right now I feel more like making a how to play correctly video lol.

I know how you feel. :unamused:

Keep up the good work.
I should write a basic strategy guide…

Sorry, but that video made my head hurt with its zoomed, jerky and sudden moving around.

blame my attention span, I couldn’t focus long enough to come up with a detailed plan on making the video, so I just winged it and made some minor edits.

Don’t worry, next video will be a thousand times better with fixed screen recording. It’s just that I didn’t have anything setup and I’m sitting on 1920x1080 which takes up such a shitload amount of bandwidth to record in. I mean originally that video was over 46GB uncompressed and unedited and thats 720x480 centered on my mouse.