Making up a "campaign".

So I thought… if planetwars ain’t coming to s44 yet… why wait?

My idea for a “campaign” (which I don’t really know if it’s the right name for what I intend to achieve, hence the “”) is something like this:

  1. We need an europe tactical map that has enough “territories” for there to be an acceptable separation between every participating player at the start of the game.

I was looking for such a map yesterday but I didn’t get any luck with that. What I’ve also thought is we can make up the tactical map… since we are going to fight battles we don’t really know the outcome of, why not just make up everything?

  1. There must be bonuses from capturing certain territories…
    I mean, let’s say I’m free to attack territory A and B, but A has tank factories, and B has an airport. So I choose between those two bonuses. And if I lose such territories… I stop being able to make tanks, or calling for air support.

On good thought, such a bonus as tanks, should be very close if not at the very starting territory of each player… because fighting tanks with infantry is so hard… Believe me, I have done it… many times…

  1. Finally an opportunity to use those “Low command” “Very High Command” options, we just adjust what kind of battle is it according to the value of each territory… My idea is that territories with a bonus are always fought with a “normal command”, and territores with no bonus with lower command, and territories close to a player’s starting territory with higher command whether they have a bonus or not, because it’s closer to very important territory, as a capital can be.

My brain stopped working there… point 4 was to setup player turns, etc.
But I don’t know… give each player a movement? That would make up for a very nice and slow “capturing and re-capturing game” which would never end. Unless of course… there was more than 2 players, let’s say there are 6 players or more, if we put them together in “allies” and “axis”, if every player gets one “Move” when it’s his side’s turn, there could be some kind of flow, but I’m not yet done with thinking that part.

What do you guys think? Do you like it JAL?

I found a nice map.

that looks good!

This looks like a good idea but maybe if theres a campaign you could be able to do some “what if” battles like invading switzerland I think that would be a cool addition :smiley:

I’m going to need a map with better borderlines, and with bigger lands so that I can fit icons on every territory…

On second thought… would it be better If I just make an “overview card” for each territory?

Overview? with what ? owner,maps?


Overview Card for Tunisia:
Owner: Lowdive (Allies)
Map: Road to Rome V3
Bonus: Tank Factory
Territory value: Very High


You like it better than Icons?

Nice ! :slight_smile:

I dont know , how 2 put that tankyard bonus in, but nice idea.

yeah… about that, I was thinking we can… what’s the name for it? Ah, yes: Disable: tank yards, air operations radars, arty etc.
When you don’t have those bonus

To expand on that idea… let me explain with a player overview card:
Player: Lowdive
Team: Allies
Territories: Tunisia
Held territory bonuses: Tank Factories (able to build tank yards in battles)

So, if player Lowdive loses Tunisia, he can no longer build tank yards in battles.

Do you get me? We would just need to disable units before battles and tada.


I use GMT (link below) for all my mapping needs - it’s a command-line map maker, I’ll try to post a script for Europe later. The borders are, apparently, somewhat out of date, but not 1944 out of date.

I’m not sure how colouring regions works though, if you want axis controlled territory in red & allied controlled in blue, for example. In the past I’ve just used it for contour plots (e.g. height maps or land/sea maps).

The other problem is it produces postscript files, rather than anything useful for the internets. Though I’m pretty sure we can find a ps to gif/jpg converter.

well… if you can just draw a part of europe with a decent amount of “regions” or “territories”, then it’s enough, we don’t really need colours…

But… how can the map image be? Cause the preview images there on gmt website are like tiny, teeny, tiny…

Thanks for your help!

I think you meant to ask how big can the map be?

I’ve seen it used to make high-res A0 charts for project planning.

I’m thinking now about the regions being a problem, I mean the dividing lines. I’ll have a play & see what I can do.

Sorry it’s bit big, there’s a bit of loss of quality due to conversion to PDF. But it’s a start.

Currently trying to find regional boundaries from other sources. I’ve found a gazetteer of cities in the past so I can include those.

About regional boundaries!
I was looking for some myself, but then came up with a lux (risk-like game) map, and I realized we don’t really need all the real boundaries, we can draw our own, we can split portugal in two, and spain in four, etc. and there you go, we’ll have more regions and more players can play.

That map looks great btw.

I’m a bit busy this weekend, but hopefully Monday or Tuesday I’ll do a better version & post the script so you can make your own.

Also looking at using real 90m resolution maps as a starting point for S’44 game maps.

Sorry been epicly busy with work, think I’ve worked out how to do this with regions, will try to get something posted soon.

Thanks for your effort… I’ve been sorta busy as well…

any word on if this is active anymore? (not trying to be rude)

This sort of thing is also why I implemented the “game master” toolbox - so one person could set up the game for others (specific units, etc).

If anyone is interested in this sort of thing still, I would love to help pull it together/host/design rules. Weekly matches or whatnot of this kind of thing would be really fun. Hopefully we’ll have a new stable release out in the not too distant future (once next spring engine releases, we’re going to put out a release of our own), and that would be a great time to kick off a meta-game like this.

Note for folks who are still interested in developing this - weekly game nights are a perfect context (imo) for this sort of meta-game. Lowdive/guy_montag, if you folks are still around, give a shout and we can get started on structuring this thing, since I think it would be really fun. If I don’t hear from you I’ll probably save it for a few months from now, as I (like everyone) have a few other things in mind for the more immediate future.