Making stationary long range artillery more complicated.

I was thinking that if you make scouts the only units able to designate target areas for artillery, you could narrow down the spamy-porcy part of it a bit.

then I saw this one:

I mean, I’ve been playing sc2 some, and the idea would go as an analogy to the Phantom unit in sc2.

you have to build the indirect fire weapon (nuke/howie), and then build the specialized unit (Phantom/Scout), and then send such unit to designate the area you would like to fire your weapon at, such thing requires that you be infiltrated in enemy base or otherwise in range of the target (front-lines?).
And death of the specialized unit means the inability to use such special weapon until you get a new unit.

Just an idea…

Merry Christmas all!
Happy Skirmishing!

Merry christmas!
I really like the idea.
Makes the role of artillery different from direct fire units in more ways than now. Maybe artillery could have a shortranged attack that they could use without spotting.

You wouldn’t have to redeploy them to change direction and such because now its determined by other units what they can fire at.

They could also be rebalanced to drain less supply and stuff.

That’s the spot right there! I was thinking about that, you don’t want the mobile arty like Priests being unable to defend themselves at tank ranges, same goes for stationary guns.
Definitely a good point there.

Without spotting, they become more like the infantry support pack howies.

i see your point on this but for this to work you would need a spy unit or an ability to shoot blind with far less accuracy, since on many ocasions it simply is not posible to get a scout(or any other unit for that mater) even close to the enemy base without masive amount of micro(i dont want to spend all my time microing a scout into the enemy base-> wont use artillery->artillery becomes completly usless)

also this would need to give a verry large accuracy advantage over conventional unaimed fire(unaimed, slightly larger inaccuracy then curent blind shots, aimed: slightly more accurate then a mortar shot)

a delay between order given(1sec), turret turned,shot taken(3sec).

2 new units would really be needed:
radioman:inf like the scout, large decloak radius, can specify artillery targets #shots to fire ect… in sight range(like the scout binoculars), comes in pair(1 at artillery, 1 in field to target )(probably a good idea to let who their bound to be swiched quickly)(lots of programing fo you XD)

spy: like the radioman, can impersonate enemy units(and not get attaked unless manualy targeted), cant be selected by enemy commander(gives ability to find them for the enemy(“that foo wont follow orders, kill im! SPY!!!”))

also making tanks and scout planes(things with a radio) have this ability would be good

This just makes me think we need a proper way to visualise the spotting system already in place, and make it a more popular choice (visualisation would help this anyway).