Make rockets only target vehicles and tanks - Done

Rockets on ground attack plane target infantry and they will often waste their rockets on infantry even if you ordered it to attack a tank.
Ground attack planes could still use their machine guns against infantry.

zCram said that rockets are useful against buildings aswell so my suggestion is to just exclude infantry.

Good call, noted.

I’d probably make sure that at least the following are targeted by rockets:

  • vehicles;
  • deployed guns;
  • ships (both large and small);
  • buildings.

As long as I can still force fire.

I just changed the onlyTargetCategory for both HVARRocket on the GBRTyphoon.


Removed INFANTRY from the list.

In my testing. The Typhoon don’t use rockets on infantry. But it uses them against tanks, force fire into the ground and propably everything else.

If I’m allowed I can remove INFANTRY from all rocket weapons on planes.

Just to right click, Tortoise SVN, Create patch, right?