Machinegun tracers not aiming properly

I was playing as the Germans and I built a machinegun squad. I ordered them to get on top of a hill overlooking the opponent’s base and then ordered them to deploy. They were able to fire at the targets below without any problems but the tracers were always flying straight ahead, parallel to the ground, instead of following the direction of the “true” bullets. I was using the SVN release 600.

This is a universal problem with all MGs and due to the fact that tracers are a “seperate weapon” which is automatically fired from the barrel of the weapon using its current orientation. Currently there is no support for machineguns and similar weapons to aim along the x-axis so they will always appear to fire their tracers straight.

Only fix is better implimentation of aiming scripts which is quite a doozy…

Maybe something can be done using some point objects attached to the end of actual barrel, so that they are used for vertical aiming and emitting the tracers. Does emit-sfx work with point objects?

It works with s3os (but not 3dos, but we aren’t using those).

You could also try slaving the weapon to the main weapon and truly firing both.

The only way I see that being a problem is with ships and other potential large units/structures with multiple tracer-firing weapons.

@yuri it could work for a few units but it’s mainly infantry that are the problem; since units like tanks and vehicles have pintle or turret-mounted (or both) machineguns that can aim properly x and y; it’s mainly machinegun infantry who do not actually point their weapon along the x-axis and therefore when firing up or down elevation will appear to be firing straight forward.