Maackey/Nemo vs Journ/Spiked, Rev823 (CathaldraV10)

This game was good in general, I think. It was Maackey (GER) vs Spiked (USSR) on one side, and Journ (GBR) vs me (GBR) on the other. Map was CathaldraV10 - I liked it, although the texture makes the hills look much larger than they are.

The match between Journ and I went back and forth a few times. Eventually he did a serious number on my infantry because he has magical hackish infantry tactics (slash I wasn’t concentrating my forces well - they were arriving at the front piecemeal), and started to advance, but I got a batch of mortars (and 2 rax squads) in time to pin/slaughter large numbers of infantry with fairly small losses, which then reversed the game largely on my side.

Spiked managed to push all the way to Maackey’s base and kill a rax, a timely british rifle platoon (in addition to supplied MG42s - harharhar) managed to kill absurd hordes of soviets and stabilize that front.

The small increase in speed to their HQ squad seems to have done the trick for brits - we’ll need to test it in 1v1, but in general they seem decent now (2 rifle platoons with a couple brens on a hill created a serious hardpoint wedged in between journ’s forces on one side and the soviet hordes on the other - by the time reinforcements arrived, many of them had well over 300hp. I do think it’s still very hard to keep pace with expansion as Brits - this may resolve into allowing the rest of the infantry to capture flags at some point.

Things to look at:
Mortar scripts :frowning:
Halftrack speed.
Weirdness with logistics resbar slash magical source of logistics. (if someone watches the demo, watch my logistics bar - when it starts to increase magically, turn off the resbar and see if the engine default one is showing the same).

Infantry continuing to spawn in a wrecked HQ (I think perhaps make the platoon units dontcount - should solve?)

Logistics drain - I’m pretty sure there were multiple points in the game where literally nobody had logistics. So I’ll need to poke at that, and determine how much adjusting those drains might skew the game one way or another (towards inf or towards vehs). I’m thinking at the moment that I’ll reduce the 2.25x mult on ammo to just 2x, and drop infantry drain to 1.5.