M36turret needed

M36 needs a damn turret, so many modelers here anyone make it plz.

It’s modeled loooong ago, just no one textured it :slight_smile:

Has it been unwrapped?

No. Me and spiked were never really happy with it iirc.

JAL ,according to this : viewtopic.php?p=6307#p6307 (only readable by testers/devs) texturers are rare in S44 project.

So you could change “M36turret needed” to “please Neddie, be pretty, make us a turret texture”.

The M36 in your mutator is currently a serious competitor to the SU100. Even better, because spiked made its gun accuracy equivalent to the tigers’ guns (until now, no RUS/GBR/US guns had the accuracy of the 88s guns. Even the SU100’s gun doesn’t have an accuracy equivalent to 88s guns right now in the normal mode.)

I don’t know if the M36 was quite that accurate (good sights combined with an accurate gun were what made the Tiger so deadly) but as far as ballistic performance and damage the M3 90 mm was close to the Tiger I’s KwK 36. The PaK/KwK 43 on the Jagdpanther and Tiger II, on the other hand, had more power and accuracy.

Will the M36 be included in future releases? I’d like to see the US finally get a worthwhile TD, the M10 loses its usefulness pretty quickly (it actually might be fun to pull it from the buildmenu and replace it with the M18 Hellcat - somewhat less armor, but much better speed).

US tanks/tank destroyers etc had the most accuracy, at least on the move because of gyrostabilized guns so I say the 90mm should be at least as accurate as the 88’ though not as deadly(it was a slightly inferior cannon)
About the TD’s I agree that the US should get the hellcat instead of the M10 and I think britain should get an Archer self propelled gun instead of the achilles maybe the germans should get a jagdtiger as a really slow ultra heavy assault/anti tank gun for the germans, I think it appeared by 1944

The Archer was a really curious piece of kit - actually fired backwards and couldn’t shoot on the move (the gun recoiled right over the driver’s seat). Achilles is a much better platform and two 17-pdr. TDs is something of an unwarranted duplication.

The M36, the M18 Hellcat and the jagdtiger are all avalable in the deployment mode. The deployment mode can now be installed by using springdownloader trac.caspring.org/wiki/sd . Currently, this mod only have multiplayer. (deployment has all its units cloaked, that benefits to the M18 hellcat a lot. Without cloak in the normal mode : the M18 would be killed quite fast.)

We will probably not have the M36 for the next stable version (this depends of Nemo). US rely on very cheap TDs and plane support.

for those who are interested :
Tiger 1 's gun in S44

M36’s gun in S44 ,the Higher penetration at 100m make it decrease penetration faster with distance than tiger’s gun (no garantee etheir tiger or M36 variables are realistic )

explanation of some gun variables

I downloaded the deployment test right after that post - would be nice to see the M36 and M18 finished; one issue I have with deployment mode is tat the cloaking reduces the eye-candy value in-game.

I’m not sure the M18 would be that badly off uncloaked - true, it has even less armor than the M10, but if you’re talking going up against Tigers and Panthers it’s not like it makes a huge difference at most ranges. The M18 was very good at “shoot and scoot” work where it would zip behind cover, go around a flank, fire a few shots at German armor, and then zoom away to do it over again.

AEC(gbr_light TD ) works fine in normal mode, so should M18 wich is similar.
M18 is doomed in deployment because u dont know were the infantry is.

The archer had several advantages over the achilles though, It had thicker armor and could get away really fast while facing its enemy because of its rear firing gun, though it couldn’t shoot back, plus its way cooler then the m10 achilles,

Contrast that with a fixed gun mount and the inability to shoot on the move - the driver had to vacate his seat in combat because the recoiling gun would decapitate him otherwise. Essentially it was little more than a mobile AT gun as opposed to a tank destroyer that could fight on the run, although it was good for ambushes. In any case, the Achilles was more numerous (1,100 fielded vs. 655).

Referencing an earlier post in here, I think the Jagdtiger should remain a test novelty. Less than 80 of them were built and in general they had little impact on the war, not to mention that with the Jagdpanther the Germans already have the best TD in the game and the Jagdpanzer IV/70 is superior to everything but the Achilles and SU-100.

The only real texturer is Spiked, who isn’t working right now. FLOZi and myself have each worked on textures, but we’re not at his level, which is one barrier to skinning Finland.

Just felt like bringing this up but Why don’t the Brits get a Challenger, it has a seventeen pounder and better armor then an achilles, I still say there should be a comet of archer

They get firefly which was available in superior numbers to any of the alternatives and in game would be essentially indistinguishable except visually.

But I have a feeling that the british are getting too much american equipment, they don’t even have a universal carrier seriously

They have the Wasp.

The UC was not an APC, which is why they have the M5 halftrack which they received in huge numbers through lend lease, and of course they have Kangaroo too. Exactly what use do you envisage for the UC in game?

I can’t think of any American equipment except the M5 and the Firefly - which was a solely British variant, even if based on an American design. Even the M5 was purposefully made for lend-lease and differed from the M3 used by US forces.

edit: Staghound too, was a US design, but again used solely by ‘British’ (i.e. commonwealth) forces.

Not to mention that we’re already making a concession with the Cromwell - most British tank units kept the Sherman, only the 7th Armored Division and reconnaissance units switched over to the Cromwell.

The UC was a fast and cheap little thing, it had enough armor to survive light enemy fire and had good towing and carrying ability for its size, it was used in great numbers by the british, there were thousands produced, it also has the advantage of being fully tracked which increases the mobility.