Lunatic ramblings of a madman

  • Hetzer replacing Marder in the Tank Destroyer (upgrade) Yard.
  • Sturmpanzer IV and Panzerwerfer 42 in Self-Propelled Yard.
  • Larger self-propelled anti-aircraft (Flakpanzer with 37mm, US halftrack with the Bofors on it, Crusader twin Oerlikens, etc) in Self-Propelled Yard upgrade.
    -Third upgrade option (for gun yard), “Heavy Guns”, adding heavy artillery of diff sorts; heavy anti-tank guns (88mm), rocket artillery, 150mm+ artillery, heavy anti-aircraft guns, etc.
  • Mortar halftracks (or an individual upgrade of halftrack vehicles)
  • KV-8S Heavy Tank with 45mm gun and heavy flamethrower, to Heavy Tank (upgrade) Yard.
  • M18, M10 and M36 to US Tank Destroyer upgrade.
  • T-70 in Vehicle Yard upgrade replaced with BA-10 armoured car.
  • AEC in Tank Yard replaced with either Valentine (V?), Crusader III or M22 Locust.
  • OT-34 in Advanced Medium Tank Upgrade yard.
  • Churchill Crocodile added to Heavy Tank Upgrade
  • M4A3R3 Zippo (Sherman) flame tank added to Advanced Medium Tank yard.
  • Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen in Vehicle Yard (perhaps Upgrade)

First of all, I’m for adding a few units (that doesn’t mean all of that list…) I’ll make any missing models for those.

Now, about the list. I don’t quite see a role for heavy guns. Panzerwerfer is understandable and has a use, but 150+mm arty? Guns that we have already get the job done quite well. There needs to be some reason for a player to want heavier guns, I just don’t know what could it be. Increasing the range even further demands new larger maps.

Wasn’t Locust planned as a glider-droppable tank? I seem to remember some talk to that end.

Maybe consider the flamer Hetzer (there was such a variant) instead of Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen?

KV-8s and OT-34 is too much, one of them will suffice. KV-8s preferably - that puts KV model to use. OT-34 is just too much like the regular T-34. Unlike most other flame tanks, it retains the main tank gun.

It is an upgrade; it would effectively replace your artillery arsenal wither larger more powerful 150mm+ guns instead of the 105mm currently used. More power, perhaps slightly more range, but at increased costs (logistically and CP).

Sure KV-8S is good (I see the model too). My idea was just to give upgraded yards more in them to be upgraded to. They seem kinda bland.

…for really nasty game-tactics xD Awesome! xD

There was a modified Panzer III with Flamethrower and stuff. Maybe better then making a new model or sth… idk. just a idea.

These ideas I feel might be good, and tentatively approve. Everything else I’m willing to discuss, of course.


Retool of US vehicle build trees:

M18 Hellcat replacing the Stuart in the Upgraded Vehicle Yard – The Hellcat, while armed with a 76mm anti-tank gun, is very lightly armoured, more akin to an armoured car than a fully tracked vehicle. The 76mm in its base form is also not that epic. The Hellcat would, iirc, be less armoured than the Stuart which currently resides in this place.

M10 given 76mm High-Velocity Armor Piercing ammunition in place of the “normal” 3-inch AP. This will give it a moderate boost to anti-tank capability, but only just. The M18 would not have this.

M36 Jackson as an option to be placed in the Tank Destroyer upgrade of the Gun Yard (there currently is none for the US) along with the M18 and M10. If so, remove M10 from availability in the Tank Yard (it’s not a tank!).

M26 Pershing as possible albeit unlikely candidate for the Heavy Tank upgrade yard. Even I’m not too too keen on this, but I also feel that upgrades which offer a single new unit are kinda meh.

I really would like the M36 Jackson; while I understand the need to define the US as “lacking in the big guns”, this approach is frustrating. The inclusion of a single unit with the capability to play on par with the rest of the other factions will not amount to a complete and utter abandonment of “side differentiation” and “character” of US as a faction.

The inclusion of the Hellcat and giving the M10 HVAP ammunition should suffice to helping subtly boost US anti-armour capability.

Stuart as it is now is powerful infantry killer. Hellcat can’t do that. I’m not sure that’s a good replacement.

Yeah, I’m not really seeing the two units as the same role. But I can see adding the Hellcat without removing the Stuart.

Why isn’t the M8 Scott a powerful infantry killer, as that is it’s specific role, while the Stuart is a light tank (ie that is not it’s role)

I think you should play the game before suggesting more stuff. the scott is a hugely effective infantry killer.

I was replying to Yuri saying the Stuart is a powerful infantry killer and vis-a-vis replacing it with a Hellcat (not good infantry killer) would reduce anti-infantry effectiveness of US vehicle yard, by saying that the Scott is there and does perfectly well as anti-infantry. Infact the Scott probably does just as well in anti-armour role as the Stuart’s piddly 37mm gun, and has the same armour…

stuart has canister rounds, which make it quite powerful against massed infantry.

better than Scott’s powerful HE?

Yes… being canister shot it has a lot of spread and looks a lot cooler.