Basically I’ll post the most recent versions of S44 widgets here if you want to keep up with the latest developments. They should remove themselves in non-S44 games so you don’t have to worry about them messing up your non-S44 games if you put them in your user LuaUI folder.

Field of Fire
Better max range indication.

Supply Radius
Fixed preview color and rings staying behind when a structure is killed while under construction.

Hopefully fixed some of the update bugs.

Now works for specs when they switch the team they are speccing.


v0.3: Added many more ranks. Now has at least 11 for each side.

v0.2: Fixed crashbug, some bitmaps by Neddie.

v0.1: Most of Russia’s ranks.

XP Tracker
Keeps tracks of the XP at death/gameOver for all units. It dumps the information to LuaUI/Logs/util_xp_tracker_log.lua, so make sure that directory exists.

And just to be clear, widgets are the unsynced LUA code, so you don’t have to have the same widgets as everyone else to sync. (for those that don’t know… cuz I didn’t for awhile… >_> )

A very very simple widget which sets your settings to ignore “Can’t Reach Destination!” messages.

WIP rank widget. Only has US ranks ATM, is missing a few.

Nemo you only need to type /movewarnings 0 once to never get move warnings. It remembers the setting for future games.

XP Tracker widget, for statistical uses.