Lower centers too low

I can’t say I’m too exited about the new centers on tanks and vehicles.[attachment=2]screen00075.png[/attachment]
Hull down positions surely are useful when the center of the unit is near the ground.[attachment=1]screen00074.png[/attachment]
On most tanks the center of the unit is in the lower half of the hull hitbox. This means that it is more likely that an AP shell fired at that tank will hit the ground infront of the tank rather than the turret.[attachment=0]screen00077.png[/attachment]

I agree that this is logically wrong, but is it currently significant to the gameplay mechanics, since they are supposed to miss part of the time anyways? (and they do, be it from inaccurracy or from because they ‘aim wrong’)

Units shoot against the center of the unit. If a little bump is blocking Line of Fire for another unit, that unit won’t fire.
When the center of the unit is close to the ground other units might not be able to shoot at that unit, because of small height differences, while the unit can shoot at them.