Lowdive vs Nemo, Neptune 1.7, Spring 96 (two games)

Players:Nemo (USSR) vs Lowdive (US)
Map:Dead Lands
Game version:Operation Neptune 1.7
Engine version: 96.0
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: Small, brutal map – just infantry play. I was Soviets, and was able to stake out a pretty nasty hardpoint in the middle of the map. Lowdive bled on it.

Players:Nemo (GBR) vs Lowdive (US)
Map:Desert Needle Small V02 (yeah, v031 is the latest, but the autohost couldn’t figure out how to find the latest one)
Game version:Operation Neptune 1.7
Engine version: 96.0
Awesome rating (out of 5): *****
Comments: NOOOOOOOOO… This one went so wrong, so fast. I achieved almost total map control with inf/AT guns while Lowdive built up into armor. I spotted a massive armor flank and was able to get my AT guns there in time, and blew him out of the water. I wasn’t so lucky later on…

This was a super fun game to play. Epic defenses (hero Vickers, the MG that stopped a thousand men!), massive armor rushes, brutal bomber runs. I’m quite pleased with how the sensor system worked – at one point Lowdive scouted the whole map, then wove his tanks precisely through my forces: I didn’t realize just how many tanks were coming my way until it was way too late. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Desert Needle was a pretty nice map. Would play again.

(The demo is zipped, since otherwise its too large for the forum)

Some random notes from the games/other testing:

  • Engineers probably shouldn’t be able to build while suppressed. At one point I had 5 engineers build AT mines directly underneath one of Lowdive’s Shermans, and blow it up.
  • Snipers still don’t work sometimes. Will probably need 1.71.
  • Damnit damnit damnit armor is so brutally mobile. This is great! But I need to learn to be proactive about tank traps/AT mines.

FLOZi asked for commented replays, so here’s the first (less awesome) game: youtu.be/fD3IqMazaCM

I’ll do the longer one this weekend - it took me some time to get set up. Found some awesome software for it though: obsproject.com/ highly recommended for screencapping on windows.

:astonished: So pro at commenting, I almost don’t feel bad for losing.

And the second game, rather longer (about a 30 minute video): youtube.com/watch?v=M63CMH6o-mQ

Still finding my voice a bit in terms of smoothly narrating the game, but I had fun, hopefully didn’t repeat myself too much.

Let’s play more games, and I’ll keep recording them – it’s pretty enjoyable. I think it’d be especially fun to do it with somebody over mumble/skype/whatever.

Great show Nemo, hopefully this will get some more people interested in the game.
It’s just the best WWII RTS game ever <3 :smiley:

P.S. I got really nostalgic to see those rank icons and suppression icons! IIRC I was told they would probably be removed further down development so I stopped using them and started getting used to healthbars… But I see you still use them, will they be there for a while longer?

I usually use them. The healthbars convey more information more accurately, but I like the look of the icons and I think they do an ok job. I wasn’t aware of plans to replace them entirely? I could have missed it though, I’ve been pretty out of things for a while.

I don’t quite remember who or when but I remember it was something about ranks are nice and all but lack info and it wouldn’t be possible to put reloading and etc without cluttering the overlay so, better thing was to ditch them for healthbars. AFAIK that’s why I switched to healthbars, but I really like the rank icons.

I saw your commentary of the GBR vs US game on the map Desert Needle on YT. :laughing:

Great commentary had fun to watch. :smiley: