Long game

Players:Alessio&Godde vs JAL&Tobi
Game version:Pre-M RC 105
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): *****

Awesome tank and arty battles , sadly a ammo bug helped Godde.

FYI, that was the +15 ammo/second from partisan supply dump. (Godde had 4 of those)

Thanks for the fix Tobi <_<

The katy spam was grossssssss. Nice game otherwise though. I was surprised that you guys didn’t go after Godde’s ally sooner, since once you sent some force that way he folded pretty quickly.

He wasn’t always easy to reach. A few times I tried to attack him my (light) tanks got SU-76’ed or there was just lots of inf from Godde protecting him too.

Note that attacking through the water (i.e. the other route) is very dangerous since infantry that gets pinned while in the water (on this map) can not shoot at all anymore - their firepoint will be underwater.

Nice game, but again i didn’t like the katies, i know it’s supposed to break stalemates but mostly it just deprives the receiving end from any chance of doing anything really, just have to sit there and take it.

Well realise there were way to many for a normal game due to that ammo bug.

Godde had a total of 3 storages at end of game IIRC, normally that would just be good enough to reload all the katies in 22.5 minutes or so? :mrgreen:

Good point :stuck_out_tongue: