Long game with Air, tanks and almost sea v230

Started 2v2
A nice game.

My ally were going for sea but it got killed by air.
I myself used my katy to destroy the enemy naval yards.
I think upgraded naval yards should have somewhat more HP. Now it have 6250. It usually died in 1 salvo from my katysha.

i didnt watched the replay… didnt he build AA ships or something like this? to protect transporters and stuff?

I don’t think there are any AA ships. Most ships got AA though.
Eriker only had 2 ships when the enemy destroyed his ships with air and bombed his naval yard.

I remember that most torpedo boats was good at AA , 3 or 4 of them could fight a attack sortie,when naval came out but suddenly it changed i think around v190.
Yuri fixed the german one , in that game they did nothing .

yes for sure there is no real “AA-Ship” but you guys know what i meant.