Linking released builds to SVN revisions & changelog?

I would appreciate it if there was some kind of changelog somewhere, also for the pre-release builds (sorry if I missed it, in that case, where can I find it?).

Besides that it is a good idea IMO to somewhere publish which SVN revisions where used to create the builds, for example:

  • r1319 - Operation Koltso
  • r1746 - Pre L v01
  • etc.

Yep. Usually I’m good about this and put it in the modinfo and on the forum post, I just forgot to do it yesterday. I haven’t yet compiled a changelog for Luttich, because its going to take me a couple hours.

Ah ok, didn’t even check that.

Thanks for putting it up now!

r1196 - Operation Luettich v1
r1197 - Operation Luettich v101