Letum's feed back (Current SVN)

No texture on deployed MG42, Bren
“Select All” reads “Select Al”
Neb 41 crew always running
Square/polly floating in air on lower front hull of PzIII
Artillery won’t fire over hills it can fire over
Rocket craters far too big, artillery craters too small. Rockets do not make big craters as they do not penetrate ground, unlike artillery.
Why can’t we build older, cheaper tanks after tank depo upgrade?
Can see through part of petrol tanks at German Veh. Yard.
Rockets need tweaking to make smaller fps drop in big games.
UK starting building can be seen through when looking in doorway.
How about country-unique supply depos?
A way to see the area where deployed MGs and guns can fire would be nice.
Sexton UVW needs fixing.
Deployed Ammo trucks not correct yet
You can see through parts of the Wespe, Jpz and German ammo truck
The buy/build icons look a little ugly. Not sleek.
Achilles turret sometimes stops moving when controlling it in FPS mode
When playing as British got a bunch of errors like LUARules/gadgets/unitsquadsspawner.lua local 77 attempt to index local states (a nil value) after messing around with commandos building lots of landing zones.
You can see through part of the gun on the IS152
All t34 types lack a mg at the front
How about making the tank depos look different after they are upgraded? A extra crane or something.
How about a US heavy tank?
SU76 and T60 have floating back wheels with no axle.
No sound from commando sten gun.
.cheat .nocost does not work for building a US vehicle yard

To preface: thanks very much. I’ll probably be fixing a few things based on this. Unfortunately a lot of these things are side effects of this game being a hobby work by a small handful of people. Just about every model and skin and UVMap in the game has been done by 3 individuals. In the case of skins, all but two were done by one person. So, there are a lot of things we’d really like to do in terms of content, but simply haven’t gotten around to doing yet because other things have been higher priority.

German Sandbagged MG seems to have a texture? just the gun which is entirely gunmetal grey, but painting tiny details like that would have complicated the infantry UVmap immensely. Bren doesn’t deploy, but you probably mean Vickers, in which case, yeah, it needs skinning still. What can we say, the game is a WIP.

It is actually “Select AI” - to select a groupAI with. A fairly defunct spring engine feature.

Thanks, will fix.

Can you be more specific?

Rockets also generally carried a LOT more explosive (f. ex, a soviet 152mm artillery round held about 7kg of explosive, a 132mm Katyusha rocket held closer to 19kg). This may still need tweaking, personally I’d rather remove craters entirely since they create significant slowdown as the engine tries to repath.

This is an intentional design choice, meant to create a more interesting armor dynamic - an un-upgraded tank yard can still fight against an upgraded one, most times, they just can’t play in the same way. Generally lower tier yards have lighter tanks which you can have in greater numbers, while higher tier yards are heavier and more specialized tanks.

None of these are viewable from game view - they’re generally faces that were deleted to optimize the models. Often that optimization was a little overzealous, but its something we kinda have to live with now (spiked has plenty of more important work).

Which? All of the rocket-wielding units except for AT troops (Bazooka, Panzerschrek) are only available late game, and in small numbers, so that should balance out some of the load.

All of these would be great. Just need more manpower or time. Or both.

The Sexton isn’t actually modelled yet - it uses the US Priest model with a churchill UVmap or something. So the Sexton needs modelling, UVing, and skinning. Again an issue of manpower and time.

We have no idea what causes these faces to be inverted.

There are two issues here. One being that none of us are particularly talented 2d graphic designers (note, spiked is a great 2d artist, but icons and abstract things aren’t really his deal). So, if you have a better system in mind, we are always accepting content help of sufficient quality.

The second issue is that the default Spring LuaUI squishes them a bit so they’re not being displayed at their natural size (or a multiple thereof). This is something that is on the to-do list.

Since the Achilles is a tank destroyer, it can only fire AP rounds. AP rounds are set so that they cannot be fired at the ground - only at tanks or vehicles. So, it will only turn in fps mode when you target a tank or vehicle.

Could you be more specific about the replication of this error? I recently fixed an error with the commando LZs, but there may be more problems buried in them.

All tanks with bow-mounted MGs currently lack them. We thought it would make infantry too weak with that number of MGs in the game. This is a concession to the fact that infantry can’t seek cover or hide in any meaningful way in the spring engine.

This falls under “would be great, we just haven’t done it yet”

They have one currently (the Sherman Jumbo, placeholder model), but we may be removing it and replacing it with the M36 Jackson (90mm tank destroyer).

This is accurate (somewhat) the rear wheels were fixed as seen here (Su-76 shown) svsm.org/albums/Su-76aberdeen/IMG_4036.jpg

It’s a -silenced- sten! :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd. Not sure what causes that, but its not a priority for me to bughunt - cheat mode is cheat mode, things are broken occasionally.