Leopard 2 engineering vehicle in use

Last week there was an accident here; Two cargo trains collided under a highway. It was not possible to clear the area below the viaduct using just cranes, so they used a Leopard 2 engineering vehicle to drag the three (!) locomotives free.
Because the dozerblade couldn’t be used to generate extra grip due to the rails and underground cables they actually had to anchor the tank by linking it to two other locomotives. (These locomotives are easily 2x as heavy as the tank after all.)

Sadly one of the train drivers died in the accident :frowning:

EDIT: it’s a BPz3 armoured recovery vehicle, as far as I have been able to figure out.


i think they call it “Bergepanzer”(Recoverytank) so Bpz could be right. I am not sure at all. Where is it? Netherlands?

Yeah, in the Netherlands.

I got the info about the name just from reading wikipedia and matching it with one source here that mentioned the tank is nicknamed “Buffel”.

iam so good lol i was often up there on “TEXEL” awesome little island

Military (or maybe ex-military) vehicles in use on railroads are a usual thing in exUSSR. I’ve seen myself some heavy tractors made from ISU-152 (by removing the gun) standing on recovery trains. Can’t find pics though.

Those are heavy, powerful and available (as the military doesn’t need them anymore) - exactly what railroads need to cleans the mess after crashes. The fact they are used quite rarely makes their less-than-efficient fuel consumption not important.