large supply depot


we found something curious this night. My ally’s katiyusha were able to suck to the bone my supply stocks, as thoses katys were in range from my large supply depot (but not in range from one of my ally’s depots).

He had at least 6 katys constantly firing, i had ± 25K supply capacity wich was totally used in about 2 or 3 minutes. And i was more or less only using 6 heavy TD, and sometimes 10 arty shots but not often, so where was my 25K supply?

Then later in the game, i gave my vampire ally my large supply depot. Miraculously, i was able to keep my 35K storage (yes, i built some more) up to 30K until the next supply rounds.

As a filthy vampire, he tried to move katys to my base to feed from my factorys range, but it didn’t worked, katys had no ammo (i guess he had no more supply stocks :wink: ).

It happened on 1944_Titan with spring: 1944 version 1.5 and Spring .
I was german, he was russian (of course). We were 4 allys fighting 2 allied german bots.

You’ll find the replay as an attachment.

Good night!

What is most strange is that, while you can reload your units while in your allys supply radius, the resources come out of your own stockpile.

Or at least, that’s the theory.

German arty is 25 per reload, jagdpanther is 18, so it is hard to see how you could use it (have yet to watch replay).

Large supply depots have only 500 storage, compared to 1000 for normal storage, so its no surprise that giving him that one building didn’t much impact your storage.

The fact that his katy’s could not reload from your factories range kinda indicates that the gadget is working as intended and something else was draining your own logistics. In v1.5, infantry who are outside of the supply range will drain a small amount. If you have large numbers of infantry that might account for it. The large supply depots are treated exactly the same as the factories by the ammo supply code.

I’ll watch the replay tomorrow to investigate further. :slight_smile:

Yeah it was deffo happening, and gadget is wrong, dunno how I missed that. :angry:

Fixed in SVN rev 3113. :no4: