laddergame preM210(spring0.81.3)

It was Silverfox23 vs JAL , i had US he GBR. A very intense fight.

Btw. My tankyard stoped 2 build after a few tanks, only upgrade could resolve this.

Strange. It wasn’t on wait. And there was nothing nearby.
Luckily your single sherman keept Silverfoxes Cromwells at bay.
The sherman has better penetration at range while the Cromwell has better penetration at short range.

There’s really only minimal difference though

Godde can abuse any small difference.
things that can appear negligible in theory when you make the game are not negligible when you play it.

(I remember the inf’s hit and run tactic of godde, I dont know if the 0.81.3 still allows it)

I recommend to players to use ressources bonus, allied AI (hard CRAIG) or sandbox in order to fight Godde.
Godde can be defeated without cheat, but not in 1v1.