Lacking buildpics

There are some units in L 1.01 that lack buildpics. Those are not directly buildable, however with the SelectionButtons widget it’s clearly visible. Affected units include (at least, not sure about other nations): Russian Maxim HMG, deployed Russian guns.

The Russian small infantry transport boat is also missing build pic. (this one is visible in the build menu)

Russian radar is lacking icon (not buildpic though).

usm4jumbo. Also can someone fix the turret; it was funny at first, but this is getting out of hand.

I’ll remodel the turret, but then somebody will have to map and skin it.
Btw, does Jumbo’s main body seem right? I suspect it’s just a normal Sherman model with a scaled-up turret, in that case I’ll have to redo the body as well.

Indeed, it needs a new body too.

Maybe I should just try rescaling the turret for now; the problem with the Jumbo is that the turret is twice as large as it should be and the normals are messed up.

Actually, come to think of it, was this done to make the Jumbo distinguishable from the standard Sherman?


Yuritch Odd Turret Works presents:
A brand-new turret for the M4A3E2 Assault Tank!

Is this one acceptable? I’ll proceed to make the rest of tank then (but I cannot reuse parts of existing Sherman HVSS model, sorry).

Looks HAWT to me :smiley:

Ok, here we have the whole new tank model:
It’s in my svn, as usual. Somebody go uvmap and tex it? :wink: