Kudos on LVT(A)-4 and question on naval LOS and US torp boat

Amphibious Support tank got textured!!! So coool.
On secondary comment, are naval units supposed to not see each other? I was playing on shore2shore redux and when facing enemy naval my units were firing upon “invisible” units, I couldn’t see the enemy but it was there and shooting back, is it a LOS issue?.

On tertiary comment… the patrol boat, my US torpedo boat… still doesn’t fire torps? Or am I missing something?

Torps are not intended for use vs small boats, and all the ‘large’ ones were cut away from main S44. Even the larger German support craft are actually shallow draught barges which were very hard to torpedo IRL. Maybe US LCS(L) can be torpedoed… this will need investigation.

I’m not aware of LoS issues. That will have to be checked. Which units exactly were involved?

Right, I didn’t consider that part on torps XD my bad, but I was indeed attacking a US landing support ship and no torps came out.
As for which units were involved on the los issue, it was:
US tank transport
US landing support ship LCS(L)
and US Patrol boat.

Ok, I looked into ship stats. They have rather low radar ranges, and those define where large units (like other ships) are spotted. That’s intentional, otherwise they would be able to wipe out land units easily. As it is now, they need a spotter (recon plane does nicely). Some land units (light vehicles) have longer ‘radar’ range and so can spot ships and fight against them with some chances of success.

That’s not quite accurate - Nemo tweaked the system so that ships are spotted in AirLos

So all they’re “missing” is a radar icon?

They should just show up normally, as if you’d spotted them with any other unit in normal LoS (or radar, in the case of bigger units). I’m guessing the enemy had AirLos on your ships but you didn’t have them on theirs (spotter or whatever) – was that not the case?

Ships still have lower AirLos (1500) then most vehicles (2000), as set by unitdefs_post.lua.

How to check (that’s what I did yesterday):
/cheat spawn some ships for enemy
spawn some for yourself, move them slowly towards the enemy and see when they are detected.
Now repeat the same with a DUKW (that one swims and has vehicle LoS stats). See that it spots the ships considerably earlier.

As it is now, ships are the second-most blind unit class (right after HARDVEH with 1000 AirLos).