Kiev again , finally some tank battles. (PreMv200)

Wladek droped. It was suposed 2 be 2vs1 (with50%Bonus). I wanted 2 restart 1st, so i started late building stuff. It resulted in a nice tank battle (Ger vs US).
Another USvsGer. Got owned badly.(141825)


Tank battle is now more HP-based (?), leads me to think that KT has a tad too much…
Flamers really fail with big battles. And every US assault squad has one. ATinf from the same squad seems to do good, but on average one ATinf guy will only get no more then one kill because it’ll be half-dead or nearly-dead when it reaches its range (decloak earlier).
Letting aside the circumstances, the range of the tigers really killed some, and the production rates of the planes didn’t seem to compensate much. US does lack longer range tank harassment tools.
Stug seems a little awesome, too. US heavy shooting from range into JagdPanther frontal armour doesn’t seem to make much effect. At all.

Early gunyard seems worthwile for some reason. Feels good.

Of course, in early game US seems to do very good actually.

HP based as opposed to gun based?

The HPs of all vehicles are set by their weight in kilograms. Armor is the big difference between them.

Stug will probably need to be reexamined with next engine version as it’ll become much more effective without player help. And its frontal armor is insane.

I’m noticing a lot of people playing germany. Is there a general consensus that they seem easier to play or too good?

I think that KT suffers the most from the armor nerf. KT will almost always penetrate their target and compared to IS-2, which now do much more damage even if it doesnt penetrate, the IS-2 is better against KTs than it was before. The damage a KT does to a medium tank shouldnt have changed much while the damage a medium does to a KT should be much higher now.

The fact that grenades do much less damage to tanks makes you able to drive past infantry with ease unless there is AT-infantry there offcourse.

A flamer has a cost of 300. Shouldn’t it be the same as AT and normal infantry?

I like germany on flat maps because of their good vehicles, jadgpanzer and the stug.
Their vehicles can effectively counter all other nations vehicles and to some extent light tanks aswell. The Panzer 3 is the best light tank. The stuart and the t-70 doesnt come close.
Their infantry is still somewhat expensive but getting 3 deployeble mgs where GB and Russia only get 1 can save their day sometimes.
In my opinion their vehicles and tanks make up for their expensive infantry.

Another game. Godde vs Wladek & me. Russia tankhunters perform weak.(194037)
The other game , i had US instead of russia.(190907)

Panthers got owned badly. I said 2 him 2 use tiger1 instead but it was 2 late.