This is my customized uikeys.txt in my spring folder.
I have changed many keys and uses WASD to move the camera.
Includes keybindings for commands such Deploy, Turn, area attack, holdposition and many others.[attachment=0]uikeys.txt[/attachment]
Includes some keybindings for OTA-mods and Kernel Panic.

I… I…
When I get back I’ll try to use it.
¡Maybe this will give me the edge over you!

I’ve been using them for a while now…

But I’ve had no chance to use them against you… :frowning:

Where have you been?

I think he has been busy. Haven’t seen him much.

Yeah. I have a summer job and I am away from my computer. I might be able to get back playing after 28 of Juli.

Some changes.

Some new update.

Noting for people who just play S44, this includes a lot of keys for non-S44 games :stuck_out_tongue:

alright cool :slight_smile:

Just to add some info from a noob.

Overwrite the uitext in the main spring install folder, not in your documents/my games/spring folder

N makes u deploy things. If you hold shift, you Right click to set this order. (If you press the deploy button on the ui panel while holding shift its the LEFT button…)

ctrl-D used to be the self-destruct combo, what’s the new one?

Also, could anyone inform me about the most useless keys in this uitext?


slightly modified.
“unbindaction specteam” because units couldn’t be grouped with keys otherwise in spring 85.