Key problem

Hi again, it’s still the newbie !

I’ve another problem. I’ve 2 computers running linux and spring 1944.
The first one has a swiss french keyboard, and the second on a French keyboard.

the problem is when I want to assign a group of selected unit a number.
On the Swiss French keyboard, I don’t have any problem. I select all my units
and press "Ctrl + ", but on the French keyboard, the numbers can’t be
selected directly. Due to the layout of the keyboard, I have to press the “Shift” key
before selecting a number (in all the other application).
The problem is there, it doesn’t work in spring.
If I’m pressing "Ctrl + ", it doesn’t work.
If I’m pressing "Ctrl + Shift + ", it doesn’t work neither.

Does anyone of you has a solution ?


swap keyboard :slight_smile: