Jonquil (v082) based on SVN rev 715

So Jaywick was crashy, Jonquil is a patched version. Jonquil was the seaborne part of an effort to rescue British POWs in Italy in 1943.

Thank you to Overkill and Flakes for hunting down the cause of the crashbug.

And Journ too I guess.

[size=150]Changelog from Iskra:[/size]

  • All AoE (area of effect - explosion radius) values increased by 25%
  • Damage for all explosive shells (HE) doubled
  • Added a modOption to increase the pace of the game by halving the period between ordinance refills and doubling infantry ordinance consumption while 2.25x-ing the cost of refilling units with ammo.
  • Re-implemented random spawning mines - build one unit, a bunch more are then automagically randomly placed around it. For AP mines, you get 16 in a patch, for AT you get 5.
  • From Jaywick: +50% to AP and AT mine cost.


  • Loads of awesome new explosion FX from Evil4Zerggin. Wooo!
  • Updated the sounds package, so new British unit voices are in. This may also fix the lack of some Soviet voices.
  • Changed Kangaroo icon to halftrack (because its not armed like a tank, just armored like one).


  • From Jaywick: fixed truck morph crashing. Sorry!
  • From Jaywick: units getting stuck in factories should be fixed.
  • EngineOptions.lua removes stuff like limited Dgun or diminishing metal maker returns from the modOptions tab in the client.
  • Fixed units with ammo not firing their MGs when their main cannons ran out.
  • Fixed flamer pose
  • Gave engineers new scripts, so they don’t dolphin-dive, or cause nearby troops to go prone.
  • Small fix to hold pos widget.
  • Fixed Sexton piecenum error on SmokeUnit (it needs an exhaust piece). However, it still throws an error when it dies. I don’t know why. The piecenums all seem to line up.

Pontoons won’t carry halftracks.

when they have units loaded or when they are empty? Trannie stacking in spring is still somewhat off

Apparently either. Also they don’t carry guns. Or at least nebels.

Also, happy new year from eastern US.







That’s the reason nebels and Hanomags aren’t transportable (if the halftracks you mention are the 251s. If not, then I don’t know what’s wrong - all M3 and M5 halftracks have a 3 there). Strange thing is, the SdKfz250 has a footprint of 3 and so should be transportable while apparently larget 250 is not.

I may be wrong, but i think the 0-reclaim value gadget is mucking up corpse cleaner gadget :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it is.

Also, cob error on russupplytruck death

“std::bad_alloc” crash-to-desktop; no idea what prompted it as I hadn’t done anything specific when it happened. Also it only happened to me and not the other player (Flozi).

The game just hung/froze completely for me when you crashed out.

Fixed corpse cleaner. Now it only goes for features with “soldier” or “shoulder” in their name.

Bazookas shouldn’t automatically target infantry. They do atm and are raped when they fire and uncloak themselves.

Some units get stuck in factories. (SWIW has a similar problem) This seems to be random as it does not happen all the time and happens to different units.

Geothermal vents can be used for a way of emergency logistics resupply. It works like this: A geothermal electrical power plant can be build upon the vents, and it will power a radio tower that will broadcast a signal for a freight plane to fly over and drop supplies (logistics) There could also be an option to automatically call in reinforcements when logistics get too low (although its nice to not use it if the resupply period is coming soon) It would take fairly long to reload (like 2 rounds of regular resupply) to prevent total recklessness of using all your heavy ammo and such.

I have some examples of some graphical glitches that i’ve captured below.

  1. Fight cursor is extremely annoying and ugly. (a complete overhaul of the cursors wouldn’t be bad to be honest)
  2. Transport trucks’ passenger icons flail about wildly.
  3. In the minimap, projectiles (kinda looks like machine gun fire) fire at my flag
  4. Healthbars on tanks (haven’t noticed anything on infantry yet) can become distorted.

More later.

Hmm… it appears that my video cannot be uploaded. I’ll upload it to youtube then I guess

Edit: heres the link -

Get CA’s r3630 version; other versions don’t work well since the reload is not prevented from displaying below 0%. jK made a new version but it’s still a bit buggy and he made it display below 0% for performance reasons (CA doesn’t suffer from that issue).