Ixorans feedback thread

So, i figured id get this thread started. Im not home yet to test, but i figured id start the thread, from my phone. :slight_smile: so this is where im gonna try and dump info from all the games i test in. Map, svn revision, players, sides, stategies, and how they went, maybe gametimes for those strategies. Oh, and if i can, a link to a replay, maybe a fraps from the daulcore for the good games. Sound good?

Sounds good.

If you get a FRAPS from a game that crashes, be sure to post it! It could help us to pinpoint crash causes.

Ok, First game.

My PC 3.1ghx CPU, with terrible walmart graphics card (I need to just have one), min setting, 1600/1200 resolution.

Map: 16 speedmetal

This was me fiddling around while the internet was down in our neighborhood, it just came back up.
Everything seemed to work alright, but the infantry overhaul was a total system shock, I’ll have to see how much I like it when multi comes around later. Boring experience. Dur though, just playing with the units.

2 Bugs:

  • Ammo numbers drawn on minimap if a unit with ammo is behind them
    -Ranged shell attacks seem to attack 2 at random intervals, and this only uses one ammo, making it worse.

have fraps of both, but I need a good video compressor to use, then I can uplaod it.
1 Annoyance:
At my resolution at least, the ammo numbers are WAY to small (In FRAPS vid) why not use numbers simalar to fibre’s, or the deploy numbers?

Will post the fraps as soon as I can snag a decent video compressor. Halp?

The numbers are just a placeholder - they’ll be disappearing as soon as I manage to code a set of icons.

I’ve seen the ‘double shell’ as well. I’m not yet sure what causes it or why it happens. If you’re able to narrow it down to a specific set of conditions, please say something.

Cool, just make sure they don’t draw over the minimap. :smiley:

I’ll try and narrow it down, it looks very vaguely like it could have something to do with relaoding, but it’s doubtful.
More feedback from multiplayer.

I’ve noticed it seems to happen most often the first time you tell the unit to fire.

Oh, and decent movie compressor = Windows Movie Maker :wink:

It seemed to always happen when a unit fired first, but also very randomly during long range bombadments.

In theory it would have to be a bug in to ammo system, isn’t that the only new thwing that could do it?

I’ll just use moviemaker, vid up soon, and Should be a game report up today too…

It is the ammo system, only problem is, we have no idea what’s causing it exactly. Few of us (iirc only Nemo, actually) know any lua and he’s a beginner.

I could look at it… But I really don’t knwo Lua, just programming, so maybe it’s an error in logic? That I might be able to find. I’d say ask the spring boards, but they aren’t exactly a nice palce… hehe.

I can do the Lua - it’s similar enough to C++ that I can work with it, and I’ve read through the language manual a couple of times so I’m familiar with the differences.

Now, there’s a couple oddities with the ammo Lua code. For example, it appears that when a unit is first built, it’s ammo level is set to the maximum ammo level + 2. Is this intentional?

Also, what do you guys want for the visual indicator of ammo level?

Feel free to split this discussion into a new thread…

I think the problem isn’t 100% related to ammo system (or lua at all). Double-shots happened even before we had ammo system in place, they may have something to do with gun’s COB. Since most guns actually use at least 2 weapons, one for HE and one for fear, I think some of those may fire at inappropriate moments. Did you notice both shots actually doing damage, or was one of them just fired without an explosion?

I was firing at the ground in the first test… Both exploded. Both (from artilery) Seemed to do damage, and both from tanks seemed to do damage, hard to tell though.
Might have to test by simply setting up the scenario.

Not as detailed as I’d like, by a long shot. We were having sync problems all day, so we were’nt even expecting to get a game going.

Game 1:
Me(GBR) VS Lucianus (RUS)
MAP: Small divide
Um, Some building just didn’t build, they sat at ETA??? for a while, then finally started building seconds to minutes later. Wasn’t anything about building limits either.
I didn’t manage to snag the center soon enough, and lost by being out scouted, and tankettes riped through my defenses before I could do much. My fault though really.

-Flags have BAD problems on maps that use Metal splotches IE 1944_bocage.
flags generate like .3-2 metal.

Neither of us could push center, game started dragging out, until heavy artillary bombarment raped all my front lines. I manage to get some self proppelled howitzer out, and they ultimately won me the game by denying my opponent the ability to return fire. Pontoons and Small vehicle ships have ugly problems moving and can get stuck on shore.
Same problems with units being built/ buildings building units.

-Are the USA pyro’s gone? If so, Why?
-Infantry almost never 'nade tanks, and it’s nigh impossible to get them to move close enough to do this.
-tanks should probably crush infanty.
-Muzzle flashes of artillary are always visible. T_T
this might be because I’m using Spring .62b

Oh, and could I please get a changelog or something? it seems like a lot of changes rolled out, and I wanna make sure I’m not asking: Where is this unit? Was this unit cut? etc.

Looking better so far, We like.

Oh, and how do tanks switch between AP/HE rounds, is it automatic? It must be, right?

That looks like you started building on uneven ground and the engineer had to do some terraforming. Terraforming process doesn’t increase building progress status, so it seems to be stuck at 0% for a while.

Err, what? You managed to get S’44 to run on an engine this old? It SHOULDN’T be able to run there at all… Current Spring release is 0.76b1 btw, which is years ahead of 0.62b.

They fire the round that is most suitable for the current target. So HE vs Infantry and such, AP vs armor.

That’s intentional. There’s a weird bug that was running the fire routine twice as soon as the unit was created, making every unit’s ammo 2 less than it should be. Thus, I add two at the start and its fine. It’s certainly a hack to work around a bug, but meh.

For ammo level, preferably an icon that changes based on level. So 60-100% ammo, a green thingy, 30-59% a yellow, 10-29% a red one, and under 10% (this is when the unit starts firing slower and slower according to LowAmmoLevel), something black or a red X-y thing. spiked can the do graphics, the important bit is drawing a little icon over the side of the unit that doesn’t draw over the minimap, that doesn’t show all borked when you zoom to ground level, and that it’s toggleable (ie, is a widget).

Yeah, I totally listed the last liero version number whoops. I mean. .76b1

But, um. So about those infantry using grenades…

I’ve seen them working recently. Getting them close enough to do it isn’t a bug so much as a balance dealio.

So 100 or so infantry should just stand there and get utterly raped by a tank? I mean, they could at least fight back… Maybe a tank exception to the script. oh, and what was so unbalanced about 'nades? Also:

Sorry for the delay… Was switching back to firefox. (I was using opera when this computer was a POs and forget to switch after the upgrade)

Bocage is way outdated. Don’t play on it. Better yet, delete it.

Pyros are primarily for killing german bunkers… of which they don’t really have any yet.

They should only be visible in AirLOS… I think this is an engine bug.