Italian self-propelled "Semoventi"

Italian self-propelled (with links):

Semovente 47/32 “L40”

Semovente 75/18 “M40/M41”

Semovente 75/18 “M42”

Semovente 75/34 “M42 M”

Semovente 75/34 “M43” … da_75.2F34

Semovente 75/46 “M43”

Semovente 90/53

Semovente 105/25 “M43” (Bassotto)

Semovente 149/40

There was ever only one Semovente da 149/40 built, not going to be included.
The rest are in, as well as Semovente da 47 (so there are 4 different Semovente types in the Italian unit list).