Iskra (v071), based on SVN rev 690

Iskra (Искра, or Spark) was the Soviet counter-offensive at Leningrad in 1943. Also the name of a newspaper run by Lenin and later Trotsky around the turn of the century.

NOTE: I thought I fixed the truck squishing issue, but it crashed the game when it deployed without troops. So I reverted and will release a patch as soon as I can. Until then, remember to unload before you deploy.

Changelog from Husky:

  • Trees cannot be reclaimed. This prevents cheating when you run out of ammo and suck up trees to get more.
  • Bren Gunner got 2.5% more range, 10% less sprayangle - this should help equalize the early game squad power a bit.
  • Raised supply radius for small and medium dumps (from 150 to 200 and from 300 to 400)
  • US flamethrower now cloaks while moving, moves much more slowly. Perhaps this will make them useful.
  • Mortar fear level reduced, now an ammo’d unit (with 10 round max, and 10 per round to refill).
  • Commando uses new infantry script, so he crawls and such now.
  • Added ModOptions for AoE of explosives, and HE shell damage. Suggested settings: 1.25xAoE, 2xHE.
    These are modoptions so we can find good settings before I apply the change to all the weapons.
  • Map profile added for: Altair Crossing V1. This fixes a missing patch in the upper right side.
  • HQs will now cap flags that they spawn inside the radius of.
  • Halftracks and the Kangaroo now unload their troops much faster than before - still not instant dump, but fast enough that combat unloads are feasible with halftracks: trucks still unload slowly. Hopefully this will give halftracks more usefulness and reason to exist.

New FX/Other:
From me: One serious loadscreen, a few other randoms. As we get closer to release, I’ll try to make more proper teaching loadscreens.
Evil4Zerggin added:

  • A new bullet impact effect
  • A WIP AP round impact effect
    with more to come, hopefully. Woo for new fx!


  • Soviets no longer lose resupply when their commander is killed.
  • Fixed nebelwerfer corpse typo that crashed the game.
  • Fixed some infantry still getting stuck on flags with fight orders (sorry! >_<)
    IF ANY INFANTRY REFUSE TO MOVE NOW, PLEASE TELL ME. Unless they’re just suppressed/pinned, of course.
  • Fixed Firefly being in both British tank yards.

There’s the lot. Fixing a crashbug that Arsonestic and Journ found about 5 minutes after I uploaded the build, weee.

Some minor complaints:

  • I noticed some light Soviet units lack voice acks. BA-64 most notably, and the trucks. Supply dump (from a supply truck), on the other hand, has a voice, unlike most other buildings;
  • Kangaroo APC could use a different icon - right now it looks like a tank in icon mode, which it isn’t (and it’s a much lower priority that a tank, at least if empty).

It’s still using the Cobra sounds, so it has the annoying old british acks, too :angry:

sorry >> <<