Iskra: Overkill vs Arsonestic, Battle for Planet XVIII

This map works really nicely for 1v1s, I think.

Arsonestic (Germany) vs Overkill (US).

This game was cool in that it turned back and forth a few times - Arson had some REALLY good infantry control early on - watch for one german HQ squad wiping out 2-3 american ones on the ridge in the early game. Overkill had some really strong mortar usage which kept the game fairly level towards the end, wiping out Arson’s hardpoint, but also probably dragging the game on a bit longer than it should have run (a design flaw).

However! I’m pretty happy with this game design-wise. The reason being that I’m a ridiculous game design wonk/dork, and I read about game design theory a fair bit. So I was pretty excited when I saw the active units chart at the end: [attachment=0]screen138.jpg[/attachment] and compared it with this, a chart from an article on balancing games with positive feedback (click on the image for a link to the article):