IS-2 turned game (preM250)

Tobi vs me, germany vs russia . My infantry died everywhere , but IS-2 and snipers helped me out.

Another game dorneVS me. I didnt rush IS-2.

The game vs dorne is a nice watch. I’ve been concerned that soviets are more powerful than most while germany is weaker than most, but perhaps not.

The IS-2 is the one Allied unit in the game that I take very seriously even when I’ve got a nasty welcoming committee of King Tigers. Even though the King Tiger will outlast and kill the IS-2 in a long-range gun duel, usually by then the IS-2s have blown my infantry screen to very tiny bits.

Nice game even though the snow makes it laggy…

I don’t know why the German side did not come up with better tanks/tankkillers late game. As I saw the Russian tanks amassing I thought it might turn against the Germans… Was there a resource issue on German side? I did not see how.

Regarding the potential superiority of the IS-2. I saw the weapon stats make it quite superior in AP compared to the 8.8-cm-KwK 36 L/56 (Tiger). But this might be due to the armour penetration rules of the game (armour sloping vs. thickness balancing)? Think this discussion might have taken place elsewhere.

I guess one can not discuss if the IS-2 is overpowered from this game. There was simply no comparable opposition of German heavy tanks. But was really interesting to watch, i.e. as in this mod nice turnarounds seem to happen often. (talking about the 1.4 MB game)

A commented replay! <_<

I SOOO WANNA WATCH THIS… but there’s a little problem with the file or something… it says invalid data when quicktime tries to open it…

Quicktime is a pain and should be avoided :smiley:

You might want to use VLC player. It is free and can play nearly all codecs.