IRLand, etc.

Hello everyone. neddie tells me that you’re wondering where I’ve gone off to. Basically this semester of school has gotten quite busy (projects, grad school apps, marching band, honor society, Hearts of Iron 3, etc. etc.) so I’ve not been on lobby (although I’m still lurking the forums). On the plus side for s44, I’m currently learning GLSL so we’ll see if that leads to anything. I’m a bit surprised M hasn’t come out yet, looks like it’s going to be a pretty hefty release (unfortunately I’ve not played the latest versions yet).

Hey Zerg, great to hear from you.

M got delayed a bit by me being entirely inactive for about 3.5 weeks earlier in the semester, and now by the release of spring 0.80.5. However, I feel really good about the way the gameplay is shaping up, and its a huge improvement over Lyuban.

Hopefully we can catch lunch or dinner sometime, though that might need to be hashed out. Felix is in Monterey, so maybe we could meet him at some point - forgot to tell you earlier.

How is GLSL coming along?

Ask me after Wednesday >_> Unfortunately I’ve only just started serious work; my OS class project went down like a bad 5v5 DSD victory.

So tempted to do my project as a Spring widget.