Interest In Testing/contributing

So, I’ve been playing the installer version of Spring 1944, and damn was I impressed. I usually play with my roomates.
I’d love to contibute to the project, problem is, I only know C++ (I’d rate myself, 6/10 at C++ knowledge), and I doubt that could be any help, I don’t know any lua, other than I heard it was a miracle working scripting language a long time ago and that made me want to look into it), and I’m new to spring, about to weeks new. I heard about it when looking to snag a copy of TA. I remember playing TA when it was only a few years old, haha along with MOO2.
So, I thought, how could I contribute. 'bout all I can think of is beta testing. I mean, me and two of my roomates play sping a lot(trying to convert the third, he’s seems interested being as thats how the rest of us spend our nights), especially 1944. We were that impressed. (all we really play is XTA E&E Gundam, and 1944, with me playing an occasional game of Fibre). So, I hand you access to four beta testers, which can test almost dailly.
Thing is, I’m using the installer version of spring, which seems WAY behind, and I can’t find a link anywhere to snag a recent version ( I know you don’t want bad press). So, if you interested, maybe I could get a PM, or maybe there is some other way I can help?

If nothing else, I’ll help by playing the F- out of this game, and promoting it like a schoolgirl promotes premarital sex.
Great work guys, keep it up!

…and get me a new version to play soon! :smiley:

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Sounds like an asset :nerd:

Wooo enthusiastic people.

If you’re familiar with SVN, that’s what we use. I’ll get you the appropriate forum permissions (there’s a how-to guide for setting up the dev version on the testing forum, here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=41)

It’s a bit of a mess right now since we’ve added a LOT of new units in a short amount of time, but hopefully over the next week or so we’ll be smoothing it out a bit.

Edit: okay, you should be able to see the private forums (and that forum link to the set-up guide should work).

if you need to get in touch with one of us (being flozi, zveroboy or I) MSN messenger is generally the best way. mine is nemo_nobody (-a-t-)

also, if your roommates have forum accounts that need access to the dev/testing forums, let me know or have them post here saying so.


yes sir?

it is by his request that I should be allowed testing access

He converted me. I would gladly help beta test this game.

He’s one of my room mates. Now that our only flash drive has vanished, zipping up the SVN and distributing it has become a pain in the ass, So it’d just be easier to do it with a SVN update.

I can has Tester status on Aganny and Samurai89 plox?


Many thanks. Now instead of 20 minutes prepping for a game with aim file transfers and blah blah. We can all do a twenty second SVN update.

We were gonna do a 3 man free for all today, But Aganny’s computer was stricken with aids when one of our friends spent the whole night looking at porn on shitty phishing sites and got a few fatal viruses at the same time… :frowning:

We’re trying to avoid a total reinstall…