Spiked: Koshi’s installer worked perfectly on a lab computer. Let me know when you have a more final build and I’ll run that one through on a few different rigs as well.

I have it ready now I believe, just running through some different params… but should be ready to test when you next log in.

New installer:

Downloading, will have in ~5 minutes.

A note about the next installer - let’s remove the non-CRAIG AIs, if we can. So many of them just fail with S44 that it creates confusion.

no problem at all. not sure yet how i’ll do that programatically tho.

I did this quite a while back already…

in “installer/defines.nsh” add !define NO_DEFAULT_AI

new installer for spring 0.80.2:
please test against “normal” windows installer for sync and everything else: … e/download

Hi koshi. I just grabbed it and ran it; the packaged SL doesn’t seem to see that S44 is in the mods folder, and has a problem with autoupdate (needs manual moving, but doesn’t download the update, so there’s nothing to move). I’m not sure if the problem of not seeing any of the content archives is a springlobby issue.

Further, when trying to start spring.exe directly, I get an error “This application has failed to start because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll was not found”

Edit: once I copied that library from my main spring install, springlobby was able to see all of the installed content, and spring.exe started normally. So that seems to be the only problem. Also, I’m not sure how simple it is, but the installer should probably point to /Spring1944/ rather than /Spring/ by default.

Thank you koshi, you’re the man.

fixed the missing dll

as for the install dir:


!ifdef TEST_BUILD !define PRODUCT_NAME "Spring 1944 - Test Build" !else !define PRODUCT_NAME "Spring 1944" !endif
I do think there’s some picking up last install dir envolved, but I dunno atm how to control that.

New installer up at same place, please check again. If all is well is well I’ll replace the current with this one.

I’ve also waved a little sed at the downloads page:
sed -i “s,,,g” downloads.php
sed -i “s,,,g” downloads.php

updated to 0.80.3:

The forum broke the link. Here’s the correct one.

updated to 0.80.4, now with non broken LINK

fwiw i’ve also scripted the update process now, which pulls shit from the portable archive Aus puts up. Want a portable archive for S44 too? Would be basically two lines in the installer script.

Portable would be good. Some people just don’t like installers much (myself included).


Installer with 0.80.4 seems to work (tested MP and SP). I’ve uploaded my version of lyuban 1.07 to the “mod” section of the installer directory, so it just needs a rebuild.


Sweet. I’ll try to update the links on the homepage/make a newspost at some point (I think in a few hours I should be able to).

Thanks Koshi.

Please test
This is the first installer entirely build from script w/o me manually intervening (including spring files update, etc). If this is ok we could prolly skip the installer testing in the future when it’s only an engine update.

tested on a clean computer, seems to work perfectly. thanks koshi!

goody, should i just replace the current lyuban installer with it then and upload to ?