Install help

Hello, this looks like an interesting concept and I’m trying to download the game file (I already have Spring installed). Yet when I download it, I don’t get an sd7 file (or whatever it issupposed to be called.) Instead, I am given a 70meg zipfile filled with what looks like the mods assets. Any help would be appreciated.


Internet Explorer converts sdz files to .zip (which is what they actually are). If you are careful when you download the file to ensure that filetype is not set to zip and the extention is not changed then it will work. (Or if you know what you are doing, disable ‘hide known file extentions’ in your windows folder options and just rename .zip -> .sdz)

Note that you also need the Pre-M 170 package which is .sd7 (7zip format). The reason that the current Pre-M 222 does not use sd7 is because the new Spring auto-downloader service does not currently support the 7zip format files (which sucks).

What is this PreM-170 package?

Which version of S:44 are you trying to install and where from?

(longwordbeginningwithLIcan’tbebotheredtolookup)1.07 from the page

Lyuban, ok dokey.

Most people online will play the current development test builds

Both files are required, and be careful that the sdz is not converted to .zip by Internet Explorer. :wink:

The sd7 goes in the mod folder, right? And what do I do with the other?

both go in the mod folder. .sd7 and .sdz are both spring archive formats…sorry for the trouble, we’re just starting to gear up for a proper release with easy installers and such, but you happened to find us right beforehand.

It’s ok, this only increases the epicness of the experience when it finally is up and running.

ok sorry to jack this thread, but i cant find an appropriate place for this

ok; i added the single player add-on today and for some reason, everytime i try to play it, it stops and closes and a message comes up saying

cannot find GlobalAI library “C.R.A.I.G.”

Please help me

There is no such thing as a single player add-on. What did you install and where did you get it from?

ok its called Spring1944_Single_Player_Launcher_v1.3_for_Lyuban_1.06.exe

sorry for the wrong name of it before,

anyway, i can get it to start, however while on the map, it begins the start in 3,2,1, then the game exits out and it says,

cannot find GlobalAI library “C.R.A.I.G.”

I tried taking craig out of another version, but that didnt seem to work

is there a GlobalAI library “C.R.A.I.G.” file that exisits??

CRAIG is not a globalAI, but a LuaAi included in S:44.
Meaning the error is a bug in that launcher you got there.

so i should remove that and put it back after i get a new one?

how shold i fix this problem?

also thanks so far for helping me

I don’t mind the threadjacking, my problem is solved.

hello? my question is still unanswered, does anyone have an idea how to fix this? thanks in advance

No, C.R.A.I.G. is not a GlobalAI, but a LuaAI that is included with Spring: 1944. It should be sufficient in e.g. SpringLobby to (first!) select the game (Spring: 1944). Then C.R.A.I.G. should be available in the list of bots to choose from.

In order to install the deployment mode, you must first install the “S44LiteRelease.sdd”

Here I quote instructions from here : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=41

For windows:

For Ubuntu linux:

When it is done, you must do the same but for S44Deployment.sdd ,proceed in the same way than S44LiteRelease.sdd . With windows, make a folder in your spring mods dir called “S44Deployment.sdd” (without the quotes).

And replace “” by “” for the repository address.

Each time you make an update (or SVN checkout) you must update BOTH S44LiteRelease.sdd and S44Deployment.sdd .

The advantage of this mod is that there is no base, so it is more suitable with the new long range of artillery (that otherwise is only used to destroy the ennemy base which is both unfun and unrealistic. production zones were not reachable by artillery).

Units are hidden, this new feature allows more fluid tactics and surprises during fighting.
But because it is a very recent feature, there may be dark sides like SMG overpower and a giant JagdTiger recloaking at the speed of light after shooting (staying cloaked most of time despite his size). Units intended for sabotage like commando or partisans may have lost their purpose. AI doesnt work with this mod as far I know.