[Input] Spring 1944 Branch Development


  • Spring 1940
  • S44: Finland
  • S44: Italy
  • S44: Japan
  • 1944: Zombies

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There are a number of branches, currently in the forms of mutators, under development. These range from jcanesco’s Spring 1940 to the main team’s 1944: Zombies. I think it might be useful to obtain some input on what you want to see focused upon and what you expect from these branches as development continues.

Now, most of the branches take the form of new factions, which as we can see in this thread were not as popular prospective uses of development time as certain other elements. The disclaimer here is, thus, much the same as that of the other thread.

Disclaimer: This input is in no way a decisive factor in our development decisions. What we do is still up to us, or to the contributors interested in particular branches. Just curious for some public input.

Spring 1940 - Jcanesco’s pet project which has not seen development for several months. Focusing first on France, Jcanesco ostensibly plans to present a mutator affording 1940 play based on the Spring 1944 content.

S44: Finland - The development of Finland was long stalled, following the disappearance of Felix The Cat. I have recently returned to work on the faction, which is characterized by a combination of highly well-trained infantry, a variety of guns and anti-tank weapons, and a lack of native armour. This last is supposedly to be supplemented by capturing enemy equipment from the field of battle, hopefully aided by the ambushes they’re designed to pursue.

S44: Italy - This Axis Major is a glaring omission from the original lineup of the game, whose development mostly rests upon Yuri and myself. The faction is ostensibly designed around numerous but often under equipped squads, supplemented by the well-trained and well-equipped elite infantry groups such as the Alpini.

S44: Japan - This Axis Major represents even more difficulty in balance than the other sides, since the strengths of Japan in the air and the sea cannot be effectively included in the game given the scale. Like Finland and Italy, Japan is short on armour, but unlike the Europeans, they also lack the equipment to effectively combat armour. The only person looking at them presently is me, and they are not a priority.

1944: Zombies - Often discussed in jest, 1944: Zombies was tentatively put together by Nemo a few months ago and is presently under slow development. The game mode, at present, involves protecting civilians and waging war despite the interference of the walking dead, though some other variations may be introduced in coming months.

Can’t really vote against an option, but isn’t 1940 = going back to less and reimplementing a lot of units and gameplay features? I’d rather see MORE units in the main branch (this is what certain people are against, I know, as that would make the game more “garbled and confusing”). For example, possibilities to have early KV1 types for the russians, also, I’d vote for diversifying and adding different types of vehicles. :sunglasses:

I can even think of some justification, right now there are a few predetermined ways/methods/strats when playing a given faction, on how to advance and what units to get. In my highly-subjective opinion, this could be diversified, leading to possibilities of taking many different routes when playing the game.

RUS faction does currently already have a more-diversified early veh/tankette assortment and depending on the map and game situation all of them have their place and use.

I say Finland because the factional branches add the most to the current game, and the work being done on that faction, as well as their probable play style, intrigue me more than those of Italy.

The thing about 1940 is that it will be largely recreating earlier versions of existing units, which will of course be likely viable as lower-cost alternatives to modern designs in 1944, and, as zcram mentioned, including the early war designs in 1944 will add a lot of needless complication.

I think the only mode that would be interesting in S44 Zombies would be a co-op survival mode, where you’re defending a town / village / bridge / whatever from waves of the (AI controlled) walking dead, but that would work just as well without zombies as the adversaries.

What other modes do you envision?

The aforementioned “normal game with zombies wandering around infecting villages” comes to mind first. Perhaps there could be a Night of the Living Dead style mode, where killed infantrymen immediately return to unlife and try to feast on the first living thing they can find. Additionally, create a “Nazi Zombies” faction which is only available in that mod, and acts similarly to Germany but with different foot soldiers and an immunity to the attention and ire of any naturally-occurring undead, possibly even using a “scavenge” mechanic for random zombies similar to the one Finland is slated to have (i.e. if a Nazi Zombie commander comes near neutral zombies, they fall under that player’s command).

I suppose the last two of those get more into mechanics and less into play modes, but aside from “normal game interrupted by zombies” and “fight off the horde co-op” I can’t think of anything.

Fair enough. I was considering having a few zombie theme variant options - adding Chaplains to turn and combat them, having zombies generate atrocity based fear, having zombies generate general fear, living conversion to zombies, zombie disease and Medics…

Fast zombies! Slow zombies! Classed zombies! Massed zombies!

But I digress, my focus at the moment is Finland.

More votes, more input!

Zombies… :neutral_face:
I’m kinda hoping this is the one thing that won’t happen out of that list.

Any particular reason? They were playable in some form earlier, at the moment they’re under very slow development.

because i like to think of spring 1944 as a serious WWII strategy game, but it’s just my personal opinion

Zombies will be a separate file that depends on the base content of the core S44 game. No need to worry about them infecting the main game, pun intended. :sunglasses:

Yes, and I apologize for my failure to clarify that earlier. Canesco’s Spring 1940 is similar in that way. The other three options shall, hopefully, be added to the main game once some sort of reasonable balance is reached.

Didnt you guys planned a 2nd Axis site? i mean:

3 Allies vs 1Axis

FWIW Finland did fight on the Axis side against the USSR during the Continuation War (although they ended up making a separate peace with the Allies and fighting Germany in the Lapland War).

From where I’m standing, Japan is distant and unlikely to be released this year. Italy might be finished this year, and Finland is within one or two months of serious work.

True. Winter war on 1939 - 1940 vs Soviets, on Barbarossa as Axis and then after peace with Soviets in 1944 against Germans.

I agree that Japan is probably going to be difficult to balance and should be a lower priority than Finland or Italy, but there might be some interesting things to do with that faction - for instance, removing or reducing their susceptibility to being suppressed or pinned to simulate their capacity for banzai charges. Suicide units could also be employed, allowing for some asymmetric strategy and tactics. Still, if armor and vehicles get involved, they’re likely going to get cheesed unless the player is really good.

I voted for 1940. However, I have a better idea than just a mutator mod, unfortunately it might require having to change the name of the mod:
Create a drop-down menu in the Lobby settings for the year.
So if you want to play a 1939 game you select 1939 in the drop down list, and it will remove all weapons/infantry-types from the game that did not exist in 1939 and add in weapons that had been removed from service after 1939, where necessary.

Similar to Dennislp3’s post about making an option in Lobby settings to set game for only infantry.

If it is easy to implement, you could even create separate settings for time of year by season or month, in the drop-down selection box, like:

Select Year:           Select Year:
Summer 1939     Or     September 1939
Winter 1939            August    1939
Spring 1940            December  1939
Summer 1940            February  1940

…etc. Based on important dates or when important new weapons came out.

The amount of work to generate and balance that would be like doing 1944 3 times over, at least. For reference, S44 in its modern form has been in progress for about three years, in total more like eight.

Note that the Finland, Italy and Japan branches may eventually be merged with the core game, they’re merely mutators now because they’re incomplete. 1940 would still be a mutator even with that revised model, though I could see it happening if we brought on two or three committers to work solely on that branch.

Finland is in five to seven months, hopefully.