Since Nemo’s dedicated on re-writing the infantry scripts I figure we should compile a list of what, exactly, infantry should do:

-Enter into “relaxed” state when idle, with some random idle animations; looking around, looking/reloading their weapon, fake-aiming their weapon, shifting from foot to foot
-Should only go into prone position if being attacked by ANY weapon; this may be similar to fear-causing weapons effects, but it seems that rather than have them go into prone automatically they should only do so when they feel they need to to avoid damage, similar to how C&C infantry will ONLY ever go prone when attacked. Perhaps we can remove the entire suppressed element of suppression weapons – infantry will go down and crawl/go prone whenever they’re being attacked by anything, but special weapons can pin them, ie freeze them in place and prevent them moving and firing…
-Be suppressed/pinned by explosives, machineguns and sniper fire; boost to HP
-Be able to move while suppressed/attacked, either crawling or ducking etc; if ducking etc, can have some of its prone armour boost removed.
-Be pinned when fired at by a high number of suppressing weapons.
-Can not fire while pinned, can only curl into a ball and kiss ass goodbye
-Infantry detect when being transported and adopt an in-transport pose.

Other details:

-Infantry that can sneak (ie move while cloaked) should, when cloaked, move slower, and be hunched down, as if actually sneaking; can toggle these infantry to move at full speed/not cloaked (via cloak button)

  • Infantry should be suppressed rather easily (with being able to move while crawling this shouldn’t be a problem), but being pinned is relatively hard (about equal to what it is now)

Something i’d personally like:

-After being pinned there should be a point where a soldier encounters so much stress that there’s a random chance that he’ll jump to his feet and run as fast as possible away, losing his prone HP bonus and perhaps dying because of it. This should be accompanied by frenzied cries of “I gotta get out of here, oh jesus I gotta get out of here!”

Another infantry related thing (probably not COB-script related, but still): Argh said on the Spring forum that he made some lua to select the whole squad if one unit from that squad is selected. That may or may not be of use to us (our infantry comes in squads, too, but individual unit control is needed sometimes), probably worth considering?

And I want a magic flying pony that cures cancer!

How feasible a lot of this is depends how on well flozi and I manage to get rattle’s framework working. If it comes down to just writing the anims, its no problem. If it means rewriting the script to accommodate something like the random chance of a guy tweaking out, no, no chance (and I rather dislike that anyways - the game is random enough with all the inaccuracy without your units randomly flipping out).

It should happen one in 500 chances or something, just enough so that it happens and is funny when it does.

And no Yuri, there’s no point in spending effort in making something like that (as I pointed out in Argh’s thread) because A) we need individual control sometimes, B) you can duplicate the positive aspects of it by simply ctrl-#'ing a group of infantry – which is even better, considering you can add to the squad, remove from the squad, reform it, disband it, etc, at your liking.

Another added:

Infantry detect when being transported and adopt an in-transport pose.


The Spring 1944 Dev Cycle:
-Felix suggests something. Everybody hates it. Felix stops suggesting it.
-Time passes.
-Spiked or Flozi suggest the same thing that Felix suggested and take credit for it. Everybody loves it except for Nemo who’s a spoilsport :cry:
-Felix points out that he suggested it a couple of months ago. Nobody claims to remember.
-Lather, rinse, repeat.


That said, most of this is already obviously in the game. I’m sure you meant to say “boost to armor” instead of “boost to HP” when infantry are prone. I think that the default idle state should remain as it is, that is, it should always be prone - allows you to set up defensive positions by leaving idle infantry and setting them to “hold position”, if they had to be fired at before they could get the prone armor bonus then it would be unbalancing, unrealistic, and all sorts of lame.

Crawling slowly while prone is a good idea. Crawling should:
-Be very slow (duh).
-Only occur on a direct user move command issued while prone (requires LUA?), see next point for why.
-Prevent the moving soldier from firing (can’t aim and fire a rifle while you’re crawling).
-Retain a significant portion, if not all, of the armor bonus.

IMO the best animation would be the prone-elbow-shimmy-crawl rather than a semi-upright-four-point crawling stance.

Having them always default to prone is much easier, coding wise, then trying to detect when a unit is “in battle” and when it’s not. So I’m going to do that.

How the crawling anim turns out is entirely a product of how successful I am at fighting with upspring. Of course I’m shooting for the crawling shimmy thing, but with spring animation you can never really predict how it’ll go.

As for crawling/shooting I figure they’ll work just like MG troops - they run until they want to shoot, at which point they stop and fire. I’d prefer that they continue to follow the old orders until they absolutely can’t (dead or pinned) since forcing a user to replicate the old orders every time a group gets sprayed with a MG seems silly.

The not obeying old orders was because of the suggestion that they can’t shoot and crawl, which means that if they continued moving your troops would be helpless unless you issued a stop order.

and I said what I said because having them stop to shoot automatically works just fine. see the MG troops, sniper, bazooka/faust/schrek, PTRD currently for examples of that

Wow! I didn’t know that those troops stopped automatically, despite having played S44 since long before any sort of suppression and prone element! Thanks for letting me know of that!


I’m not sure what the sarcasm is for. it just makes more sense to me for them to obey whatever orders you give them for as long as possible (even if it involves changing states, like running forward into crawling forward, or fight-command+run into fight-command+crawl/stopping to shoot when there are targets). you seemed to think that having them stop to shoot while crawling was impossible.

Yes, I know much of it is already ingame, this is a general list of what infantry should be able to do, including stuff they already can.

liberal use of the “Fight” command (rather than Move) and the auto-proning makes infantry rather reliable, since on Fight command, they’ll move, run into an enemy, stop to shoot at it, 5 seconds later go prone, and continue firing, until no more enemy, and then they get up again and start moving.

They should only crawl when being pinned. No point in having them crawl forward as a normal way of movement, as using Fight command means they’ll automatically assume a prone position when they encounter an enemy.

So I don’t see what the problem is.

I’ve edited the original post with new wanted features: I’ll explain a bit.

First, it would be very, very cool, and good for visuals, if infantry had some small idle animations; as posted, turning head and looking around, swaying body, shifting from foot to foot, looking at their weapon, fake-aiming their weapon (maybe with a fake “firing”, like they’re pretending to shoot something), reloading their weapon, stuff of that nature, that makes them seem “alive”.

Second, I feel we should maybe rethink and simplify the suppression/pinned thing.

First, after playing a few other RTS games, I feel that going prone, to make the most sense, should occur whenever infantry is attacked by [b]any[/i] weapon. It should just be a natural reaction that when in a battle zone they’d get down and start crawling – and it’s important that if this is implimented they DO need to crawl.

Pinning on the other hand should remain the same; certain weapons should do more than just make infantry crawl, they should make those infantry stick their heads in the sand and shit themselves.

Here’s how the Partisan looks with some poses I quickly threw together, to show how cool they can look doing normal things:

He looks like hes dancing in the first one

So I actually did a lot of work on this over the weekend (sitting in an airport for five hours will do that…) - I think the framework is reasonably close, just need to test it and hammer out problems then start plugging in mass amounts of animation.