Infantry (Close Quarter inf) and Amored vehicles

I noticed that Close Quarter infantry and normal inf first begins shooting with the MP/weapon on the enemy before it comes in range for granades.

first of all i think a MP - soldier can hurt a armoured vehicle/half-track way to much.
and second i think they instead should try to come in grenade range then shooting and waiting until the enemy is close enough for grenades while the enemy maybe can shoot from higher distance.

In my opinion the units with MPs should try to come on grenade range instead of firing with their MPs totally (unreal somehow) non-effective at the enemy.(but in game its to effective)

(this is the difference between a superior unit a vehicle like a German half-track sdkfz 250 (light vehicle yard) attacking a close quarter unit. because i don’t think that 9mm pistol calibre can penetrate the armour of a APC?)

Attacking a transport truck/supply truck with MPs is okay but grenades are much more effective so they should make more use of them… :slight_smile:

But i think soldiers with bolt action rifles can/should attack or maybe can throw grenades at a bigger range?

Noticed that today and last time playing the svn

What do you mean by “MP”?

The problem is unit AI behaviour, though I am uncertain if I would change it if we could. You’re asking us to find a way to make infantry recognize that their targets are resistant to their main weapon and switch to their secondary - I think this is nontrivial but could be done. The use of small arms against vehicles and armour is a mixed one… people really do and did so, but what they’re trying to do is penetrate the openings/weak armour and get the men inside. Against an open topped, or soft vehicle, the gun is and should be effective. Against a hardened vehicle, given a window, the Sniper is a good counter historically speaking, and the SMG is ideal for disabling the wheels/cutting the track, but the rifle is indeed not a useful gun in the hands of most.

Machine Pistol or Submachine gun/pistols

well it makes more sense to use granades then wasteing the magazine on a vehicle. Using it on soft vehicles makes sens but against light amoured vehicles (which were build to resist against such a “projectile storm” to break through the enemy lines).

Anyways iam happy that you mostly understood what i tried to say… lol

it was just a thing annoyed me…

Maybe simply let the soldiers throw grenades longer? (i think 40m was average?) because they use grenades if the vehicles comes clearly to near. (which oftens dont happends because those vehicles have a higher range then the inf… so they still use their smp)