Infantry and Effective Cover question


Do infantry get a bonus of any sort if they’re say behind/beside armour or in cover (bushes, trees, ditches, etc.) when they come under fire opposed to them just walking in the complete open?

Also, do they get a bonus for being above the enemy like on a hill top during a contact?


Infantry doesn’t get any special bonuses except when being prone and armour that might obstructs bullets. Infantry will take more damage if they get hit from several directions though.

Hills are advantageous in regard to the fact that the hill player can hide behind the hill ridge and pop out and engage the enemy if he wants or retreat before the enemy infantry can get on top of the hill. Units move slower when they go up slopes.

Infantry can also throw grenades further when they are on highground so hills do give quite an advantage if you use it correctly.

That is very helpful, thank you!

I haven’t been playing Spring 1944 for very long but find it very addictive and challenging. It reminds me a lot of chess, fairly easy to pick up the basics but taking a life time to fully master.

Before I posted my question I tried testing the infantry with different combinations of cover etc. but could never really figure out if it gave any sort of advantage. Throwing grenades further down hill is very interesting and makes sense.

Right, I’m off out to buy some grenades. For testing purposes only you understand. :wink: