Infantary guns

How about having infinite ammo on the infantry guns from barracks?

It might encourage them to be used more.

I’d add infantry guns to all the nations in that case, currently only USA and Germans have them. Russian gun is modelled, UK one will be problematic though as it’s unclear which arty piece can be used in this role.
This is because infantry guns are available well before you have access to supply trucks. If they are given unlimited ammo, that means they could be used anywhere on the map and not just close to your base (as is now), so the sides that have them will have a clear advantage over those that don’t.
That’s probably part of the reason they aren’t used - when their use would be most effective, you lack supply trucks; when you gain access to supply trucks, you also gain access to better arty units (at least if you went gun yard) which don’t interrupt your inf flow.

40mm bofors gun might be a good one for the British.

Was primarily an anti-air weapon (and it will be in the game as such).

I’m trying to avoid changing too many variables unless absolutely needed at the infantry level these days. I think the inf guns work well as they are - powerful defensive weapons, but hard to use on the offense until you have access to supply trucks.

There are three options for british infantry gun:

  1. M8 pack how, same as the US, only used by airborne forces afaik

  2. 3.7" Mountain Howitzer, technically only out of service at the end of the war, but barely used, especially in the ETO

  3. 6pdr light AT gun

Wikipedia says this about 3.7 inch howitzer:

Doesn’t look like it was obsolete during WW2.

guess i got mixed up :stuck_out_tongue:

I have all the information needed to model the 3.7 inch mountain howitzer. That is, a 2-view plan of the original WW1 variant and some pics of WW2 version with pneumatic tires. So, do we need it?

Infantry guns seem quite useful at times, if you use them correctly, with a transport truck you will be capable of bringing them up from your base dropping them where needed, then picking them up again after they shoot there 6 rounds or so, and reload them at your base.

Atliest until you can afford a towed gun yard… then supply trucks make it much easier.

Leig’s / US pack howitzer, is extremely useful in defensive situations, and they allow you to defend against vehicles fairly well, as long as you can keep visibility with scouts or something.

i found such things out while 1v1ing Nemo etc.

Giving the Brits the 6pdr would be interesting, and a good reasoin to have the 6pdr in the game (which I want!), though it’s a tad powerful (I still say it should be British main AT gun, with the 17pdr being an advanced gun).

Of course we don’t have to give the Brits a fruggin infantry gun.

6pdr is in the game mounted on the AEC Mk II. I really think infantry guns are fine, and would resist making more changes than needed at the infantry level these days.