Inf and arty alone own everything

Silverfox proved that, in the 190 version, infantry in masse can beat every thing nearly alone.
When he adds an artillery support, it becomes realy hard to manage. This is a WW I tactic, and it works very well in s44 :smiley: .

May be setting the real number of MG for tanks might help. Or increasing suppresion.

In these replays you see tons of infantry running and overwelming lines of MGs, tanks, vehicles…

Or undoing the random changes done to the armour system…

Give me some credit neddie, “random” is not why I made the change to ARMOR_POWER. I was looking to repower mediums relative to heavies somewhat, and this lets their guns do more damage despite not penetrating. It would be fairly simple to tone down the amount of damage that HE gets against armor, but I think it would be better to address this nonsense more directly (since infspam/artyspam should be counterable by vehicles, not just by tanks).

The problem with heavy tanks(russia ,german) was not their armour , since their gun has higher range than any other US,Brittish gun in the game (but US had already 90mm towed since 1943 and mobile since 1944 AT gun).Mediums still die if they meet a IS-2 line.IS-2 need much more command and time anyway ,it shouldnt be easy 2 counter that , so its ok.Armour change affected more vehicles,light tanks because they die faster 2 pack,scott,grenedes and motars.Nebel & Katyuasha can kill mediums better now.

Halftracks and the like die way too easily in v190 :frowning:

I think I’ll turn down the amount of penetration that explosives are accorded in the armor system. That should help restrict my last change to armor/AP round interaction.

I may also just outright reduce how much damage armored things take from explosives. It does seem a bit soft right now.

here is another replay. In kiev ( spring engine ).

Thank you, keep the replays rolling. I have a bit of time this weekend, so I’ll probably watch all of the ones I haven’t seen yet and potentially put out a new build.