okay playing a little lately, not as much as id like. pretty much the game play so far is awesome. lots of concepts i intended to put in my mods along time ago but never got around to it.

some quick idea to throw out there:

  1. cloaking while moving? the infantry cloaking is awesome idea for concealment, but i dont think running troops should have cloaking, or maybe troops like snipes that do move while in concealment might have an on/off indicating their movement in an orderly fashion or in a stealthy creep such as ‘stalking’

  2. i like the idea of crew served weapons like the artillery pieces and the 2 man mortar system, i think that making the “machine gun-nest” as a dig in for a movable crew serve heavy machine gun crew, such as was used in world war 2. m2’s and other crew served heavy machine guns that are dragged by a team through the battle field and then set up into a position.

  3. maps with strategic features. i was thinking how altho most battles where fought in rural areas, that urban features such as buildings that might have neutral gia affiliation and can be captured could maybe hold infantry and allow them to fire from in some cases. yah i know from a modders experience its a stretch but not ‘impossible’

so no comments? :blush:

  1. Cloaking while moving is being reserves for a very specific set of units… snipers, for one, as well as scouts, and we’ve found that most anti-tank infantry need cloaking, otherwise, they are killed long before they ever get near a tank (even in masses)… we do plan on implimenting “sneaking” for these infantry; essentially, while cloaked (I like to call it “hiding”…), they will move slower, be visibly crouched, etc. We’ve just not got around to doing this feature, but will when the new infantry scripts are done.

  2. This is planned. The Soviet DP morphing into the Maxim heavy machinegun is a bit of a placeholder; I want to have a dedicated infantry/team that lugs around a Maxim and can morph into the machinegun nest. As for the M2… I think we decided for the sake of gameplay that the US’ heavy machinegun should be the water-cooled .30 cal Browning 1936; this way, the regular browning medium machinegun soldier can morph into it, without having to need an otherwise-useless soldier carrying around a .50 cal that he can’t use unless he morphs (this works for the Soviets because they do not have a medium MG)

  3. It’s completely possible. The only problem is that we’re already swamped with what relatively little work we’ve got; we have no one who is fluent enough in lua to be able to luagaia that sort of thing, nor do we have the time to learn. If someone came along who could do that, I would for sure collaborate with them as much as possible.


  1. yeah thats what i was kind of talking about. like a on/off to activate a stealthy move mode for anti tank and snipers so to get to an area they can run like normal, but then also crawl and by cloaked when they need to.

2)yeah; altho the 30 cal was technically crew served it could definitely by operated and issued to one soldier, and the 50 cal… good luck trying to run with that. those are more crew served either carried in pieces, or wheeled, and operated in a team of 2, altho 1 can operate it with out difficulty. dont know about the other sides machine guns but im sure they are similar in operating machine guns that really are just freaking heavy.

  1. hmmm maybe ill convince arg or one of them map makers to try to implement something like that

Unfortunately like almost every other game we’ve opted to have single-man machinegun teams. I mean, the difference is negligable, and it’s a hell of a lot easier scripting a single guy carrying a machinegun than two guys.