Idea: vehicle disabling

Nemo brought up the question of unique gameplay style suitable for Finnish side, who should be able to capture enemy equipment somehow. I though of that for some time, and here’s what my idea is.

Basically, some anti-tank weapons should have a chance to disable enemy vehicles instead of killing them. Disabling means that the crew was killed or maybe the veh was immobilized and the crew escaped it, etc. Affected unit turns neutral and can be captured by an engineering vehicle, after that it will join the forces of the corresponding player.
Disabling should be governed by vehicle type and weapon that kills it. For example, hardly anything worth capturing (except for a scrap heap) will remain if a tank is hit with 152mm round, but something like 88mm shell has a good chance of killing the crew and not blowing up the ammunition/fuel. On the other hand, any vehicle that burned from the inside is not usable, so flamers/molotovs can never disable anything, they always kill.
So, the weapons can have a parameter like disableProbability, in percents - every hit has this probability to disable the target instead of killing it. Units, on the other hand, can have a crewProtection parameter, in percents - unit’s HP need to be below (100-crewProtection) for it to be disableable. Even smallarms (rifles/SMGs, etc.) can have this, so the trucks/light open-top vehs would sometimes be left for capture.
Main work would be done by a gadget that receives UnitDamaged() calls. If a unit should be disabled, it’s set to neutral and given a stop order, after that it’s up for the taking.

I would say if a tank gets hit from behind it will blow up and infront the crew will die or escape. ^^ if this would be possible…

Yuri, that whole concept was originally supposed to be handled by the different corpse types and the existing resurrection feature; ie “Abandoned” wrecks could be resurrected while “Destroyed” wrecks could not; the chance of a tank becoming abandoned or destroyed having mostly to do with the power of the last shot that killed it (ie a light tank being killed by a 88mm cannon is not very likely to be in relatively working condition). We were supposed to at some point create armoured recovery vehicles (ie Bergepanzer, Chuchill ARV, etc) who would do this, be able to go out to battlefields and resurrect abandoned wrecks.

Unfortunately there were two problems; first, the obvious is that this has not been implimented; no side has any recovery vehicles (Engi vehicles could do it, I suppose). Second, the “Abandoned/Destroyed” wrecks were only done for actual tanks, not vehicles. Perhaps not a problem.

Rather than the complicated procedure you’ve written up, it would be easier simply to use the resurrection capability of the engine, with a Finnish spin; like making regular infantry, or even combat engineers, able to “capture” abandoned tanks rather than just engineering and/or recovery vehicles.

I’ve designed a system to provide ‘personalized’ copies of vehicles for each side (so there could be German-speaking T-34 for ex.) long ago, it’s currently just not enabled in svn. Idea was that the player always gets a unit suitable for his side, so no Russian-speaking units under German command. Now only thing left are actual recovery vehicles.

you mean vehicles which can repair? I think vehicles should be able to get repaired near or on the yards… automaticly

You can put some engineers on repeat area repair for similar effect.

yes but what is meant with

? Arent that a kind of engeniers?

No, actual recovery vehicles would be for instance the Bergepanzer III, Churchill ARV, M31 Recovery Vehicle, and something Russian. They would be the ones to actually go out and resurrect abandoned tank corpses.

I like the idea of yards auto-repairing nearby tanks though.