Idea: startegic air traffic

Just a crazy idea.

Basically this: groups of heavy air units (strategic bombers, transport planes, high-altitude recon, long-range fighters, packs of V1, etc.) spawn randomly at map edges, fly to a point near the opposing edge and disappear. Units should be set to gaia and their cruisealt should be so high that ground-based AA could not hit them (like current US transport plane). Those planes completely ignore anything that happens below them.

This will provide a use for heavy aircraft models (we have some, although untextured) and will make the game world feel more alive (this map is not the whole earth, the war rages everywhere around, etc.). Plus the sight of a ‘bomber box’ flying over the base is just exciting.

I’m not sure those planes will be visible in top-down camera mode however.

If anyone else thinks that’s a good idea, I can make the gadget for it (quite simple code actually, simpler than our aircraft sortie code).

sounds awesome to me, as long as we can make it clear to players that these units have no meaning in gameplay terms. neat idea, yuri!

That is a very cool idea.