Idea: Medics

Maybe not a unit, (Hey whats the point, you know?}) but a building that heals soldiers, or something? I dunno how usefull it would be though. I mean soldiers tend to get shot up pretty fast. maybe if they had a retreat at % option. just an idea, thats all.

I’ve wanted something like that for awhile – however any “retreat at x% health” will have to be togglable. I think it’d be too frustrating for players when their infantry starts to uncontrollably flee.

A similar idea I had was to have a random, small chance (ie 1-5%) that when pinned, a soldier would flee. It’d be a smaller amount and less gameplay-aggravating, but still be kinda cool (they should even have an anim of chucking their weapon and high-tailing it out of there)

If it were possible (and it probably is) to have a unit which a) can only “repair” infantry and b) do so automatically it would be cool. Or maybe just have barracks do that.

Thing is, at the present time infantry seems to have two states - “dead” and “not dead”. It’s cheap and common enough that even with supar ubar micro it’s not worth it to repair them.

Yeah, pretty much.
Oh, by the way, I was noticing… When playing the .2 beta, I couldn’t repair vehicles? Possible yet?

I suggested the same thing basically, with ambulances which would deploy like supply trucks.

Maybe something like this?

It can be set to deploy and then produce a ‘healing aura’ so that every soldier in a certain radius gets healed (easy to do via pure COB, no lua even needed). Since there probably won’t be a lot of them, it shouldn’t cause any noticeable slowdown.

Wouldn’t this promote “porc” or excessive defensive tactics, as ambulances would only be able to be used on defense and would give a bonus to defending soldiers?

(That is, once artillery is properly balanced and “defending soldiers” is a meaningful expression again…)

Well, trucks are amongst the least durable units ingame (second only to infantry), so their use on a frontline isn’t going to be long. Any kind of arty fire should clear the area of them pretty fast.

I don’t really see the point of medics/ambulances, personally. Infantry build quickly, die quickly, and they regenerate health after a fairly short time (CoD/halo style, heh).

Yeah… But hey you know what?
Can engineers repair vehicles? Last I checked, they couldn’t and that was totally frustrating.

Oh hey. Maybe infantry could have a “retreat at” option? this could make hospitals way more of an interesting feature. And if they got a “retreat at” you could pretty much not have them regenerate hp, or it be very very slow.