I have a few suggestions

This is my first time posting here and some of these ideas may not be possible and some may have already been mentioned.

  1. Garrison troops in buildings.

  2. Improved interface which includes more clear que numbers for planes more more visible timer bars for troops being trained.

  3. Troops with a high rank should be much harder to kill than freshly trained troops.

  4. There should be two types of bombers, one that drops their payload and leaves the map forever, and one that drops their payload and then lands and goes out again. Permanent and temporary bombers.

  5. When I call in for air support I’m not really sure if I did it right or if the planes are coming at all. It’s kind of a hit or miss thing. The airport building needs to be improved.

  6. There should be some items spread around that can be captured and used. Such as a radio that can call in a temporary air strike.

  7. Higher elevation should give troops greater range. I could be wrong but it doesn’t seems higher elevation gives your troops better range.

  8. Deployable weapons could use some work.

And I have a question. How can I make my own maps?

Thank you.

Some comments:

3: Already so. They have more HP, but powerful weapons still often kill a human in 1 hit.
4: Landing planes is not going to happen. Do you want bombers sitting all around your base in forests/on steep cliffs, landing/taking off vertically (because the engine does not provide other takeoff patterns)? I don’t.
5: There is a message in the console stating that a sortie of whatever type will arrive in some seconds. But during combat it gets lost in ‘under attack’ messages, so yes, some more prominent notification would be in order.
7: Already does, just not that much. Soldiers throw grenades much farther from the top however.
8: Explain please? Do you mean better animations or something else?

If you want to make maps, try SpringMapEdit. Currently it’s probably the easiest Spring engine mapping tool. Works on Windows, may work on linux/mac (as it’s a Java app).

Thanks for feedback.

  1. By harder to kill I mean they should be better at taking cover and not getting shot.

4, 5. Maybe the permanent planes could leave the map and then come back? I’m not sure but I think there’s a lot of potential for the bombers and other aircraft and that potential needs to be flushed out more.

  1. Deployable weapons are hard to deploy in the direction I want to deploy them. Is it possible to position the truck where I want the weapon, click deploy, and then select the direction I want the weapon to face without the truck moving around?

1, 2, and 6. No comments?

Is there a way to open the console so I can type to other players in game? Most games use the ~ key, but I pressed that and nothing happened.

Thank you.

If you can code/otherwise accomplish the things you’re suggesting, they will be taken approximately 100 times more seriously. Otherwise, this is just another silly wishlist.

If you can’t code or otherwise accomplish these things, that’s fine. However, your suggestions would be taken probably 20 times more seriously if you took the time to familiarize yourself 1) with the design and 2) with the engine. From a design standpoint, having airfields and radio towers is silly - utter redundancy. From an engine standpoint, weapons already do gain range from hills, and “making veteran troops take cover more effectively” is very near impossible.

Edit: Some apologies if this is a bit harsh, but I do very poorly with request lists that go “YOU SHOULD DO THIS BECAUSE I SAID SO” and offer nothing else.

Playing an old version?

In Operation Luettich (v1.01) this is exactly what happens when you click on deploy.

Yeah but then the truck moves around to get the gun into position which is annoying and time consuming.

That was rather unnecessary.

Nah. It bears saying every so often. You just happened to be the most recent of the lists. I appreciate that you care enough about the game to offer feedback, I just wish the feedback were more useful.

Huh? Here the correct heading is just set at once, no time consuming moving/rotating of the truck happens.

Which truck are you testing with?

Do you happen to mean the fact that sometimes vehicles, tanks and trucks keep driving around their target waypoint in circles?

Not really. It’s highly inappropriate to scold someone for offering suggestions when you open your game up to suggestions. It’s a quick way to turn people off to your game. Besides, how do you know some of my suggestions won’t be possible in the future? In the future there may be improvements to the Spring engine that allows you create airfields and other things.

It’s reasonable to assume that someone, such as myself, who just started playing 1944 to think that these ideas are possible.

Now that we have that cleared up…

I think the build time for the 10 man rifleman squad should be shortened a bit. Not a whole lot, just maybe by 50 to 100 (less for the Russians). I believe right now they are set somewhere around 1000. Maybe the assault and machine gun squads could be shortened a bit too, but the rest of the infantry and tank units have a pretty reasonable build time.

No not quite. When I click deploy and set the angle I want the gun the truck starts moving around in circles. As for the weapon I’m using, it was light artillery or something like that. I know it’s a US unit and it was from the towed gun yard.

When you click deploy and select direction, the truck does not move anywhere (if it was not moving before). That’s my experience from dozens of games. Something strange happens for you, can you provide a replay of that so we can debug it?
Inf squad composition is going to change somewhat for the next release, wait till then to see if the buildtime is appropriate or not. The wait should not be long (I’d say it’s a matter of days).
As for improvements in the engine… Well, we are with that engine for some years already, and we know (or at least we think we know) what is likely to happen and what isn’t. Currently engine devs stand on such features is “you have lua, code it yourself”. Engine development in the last year is mainly about improving stability/speed of the simulation. Now you should understand Nemo’s reaction to requests a bit more :slight_smile:

Not to drag this further offtopic, we’ll just leave it at: I disagree. I’ve explained myself in somewhat more depth in a PM. I’m also a little tired and grumpy, so I won’t discount that as a factor.

Why do you think rifle squad (numbers vary, but for russia the squad is 14) BT needs to be lower? Variables to consider include: rifle squad effectiveness vs specialists (the counters in place, some of which are sensitive to the number of rifles around), the vehicle/infantry balance, the HQ/rax/raxless balance, and expansion rates.

As for 1, 2, and 6:

  1. yep, would be great. already been brought up many many times.
  2. yep, would be great. already been brought up many many times. however, GUI stuff is tricky and not much fun to work on, consequently nobody has done so.
  3. indifferent. not really suited to normal play, but fine I guess for missions and such. feel free to give it a shot, I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

Using more than one engineer to build something uses more command (obviously), but using 3 or more engineers to build something drains command at a ridiculous amount even for small items. I think the command usage for using multiple engineers on one building should be reduced greatly.

I always use 3 or more engineers to build a barracks which drains all my command even if I control quite a few flags. This happens for just about every building and it really slows down production, forcing players to rely on the half sized HQ squads.

Now I think someone mentioned an upcoming patch. This adjustment should be apart of the patch if it isn’t already.

The total cost is the same no matter how many engineers you use to build the building (you just build and use the resources faster). If you don’t want to use resources so quickly, don’t put so many engineers on the job.

It’s not the amount that’s important, it’s the speed at which the player loses resources. When using multiple engineers command runs out more quickly which means production is slowed. Time is more valuable than command in this game and these engineers are using up an unreasonable amount of time and command.

Reducing the drain when you use more than one engineer would require either the building costing less the more engineers you use to build it (not a good idea at all IMO), or that you get diminishing returns in build speed per engineer (not as bad an idea, but I’m not sure how feasible it is in our engine). But what’s wrong with simply using fewer engineers to build the building? If you don’t want an unreasonable drain, don’t use an unreasonable number of engineers at the same time.

Because players are on a race against each other to raise an army. Most players I’ve played so far usually use a few engineers to build their buildings. Now for the higher level building, such as Tanks Depots, it makes sense to have a command drain, but just for a simple barracks…

Is it not possible to reduce the command drain independently from the build speed? Such that adding another engineer increases the speed by 30% with a command drain of 15% (I’m making these numbers up).

And if this isn’t possible then maybe a possibility would be to increase the command given by flags slightly and lower the command required by buildings (or at least low level buildings) slightly.

It just seems like, with default settings, that I’m always out of command even if I control a large portion of the map.

Also, I noticed that many units and buildings still have “metal cost” on their recruitment/construction card. Why is that? You can’t tell me no one has noticed that.

The problem with this is that it would mean the building would be cheaper: you built it in 77% of the time, but spent resources only 15% faster = building cost 12% less overall.

In the next version there may be an option to set the total amount of command on the map per player; e.g., you can set it so that there is +100 (or whatever) command worth of flags for each player in the game. I’ve programmed it already but I don’t know how well it’s been tested yet.

It’s the default engine information card; someone might make a new one eventually, but probably not soon.

The console is opened with Enter/Return.

Map making can be accomplished with any program capable of generating bmp/jpg and Mother’s Mapconv, which is available via the Spring wiki.

Good you help remembering! I had noticed this a while ago indeed but forgot about it.

I just made tooltip replacement widget, which changes Metal->Command and Energy->Logistics.

I noticed another problem. The Russian bomber aircraft costs 5k command, but the default limit for command is 5k. This is fine except you can never reach 5k command unless you stop production on everything, which is a strange thing to do just for a couple planes. The command cost for the Russian bombers needs to be lowered to 4.5k or 4.7k, even 4.8k would be okay.